Village Death Via Deck!

Village Death Via Deck!

Workout Date:





Carabiner, Crankbait, Rubber, Vit D

The Thang:

Conditions: high seventies and humid (what happened to those low humidity days.  As YHC prepared for the gloom, in the back of my mind I was sure it was just going to my shield lock team.  Fridays at Village have been sparse d/t such awesome attendance at The Hulk in prep for the MB mini.  I had already resigned that if this was to be the case, I would encourage finding our trusty run group and joining in as Fit D expressed he needed some miles.

Upon arrival to the AO, I noticed an unfamiliar vehicle having trouble negotiating the gate.  I yelled out the code so we both could enter and was quickly introduced to one of our newer PAX (DR from Chucktown but not having posted there yet), Carabiner.  Crankbait soon rolled in followed by my shield lock cronies.   With other PAX posting, I would proceed with beatdown plans: impromptu and always a crowd favorite: Deck Of Death!!!!

1 burpee
2 burpees
Mountain Climber 20 IC
3 burpees
Windmill 20 IC
4 burpees
Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC
Reverse 15 IC
Over Head Claps 15 IC
5 burpees

22 Merkins OYO


All PAX aligned in long center section of parking lot adjacent to the CDM building and shovel flag:

I located some cones and divided the lot into 3 sections/lengths.

Assigned the following exercises:

Spades: drop and do burpees

Clubs: bear crawl to first cone, Squats

Diamonds: tin soldier walk to second cone, diamond merkins

Hearts: fast mosey to third cone, BBSU

reps are completed base on the number on the card as follows: Ace=1, 2=2….Jack= 11, Queen=12, etc.

Joker= mosey around entire AO.

DOD was performed until 2 min remaining.

Mosey back to shovel flag and plank for 1 min


Announcements:  Shieldlock challenge, EH kotters and FNG even if you must bribe with cigarettes/beer or pay employees and treat as if on the clock (like Boxcar did the day prior).

Prayers: Carabiner’s 11 yo son, parenting.

moleskin: I think its cool that Carabiner has committed to post weekly 2 hrs from hometown and already inspired to help grow the charleston region with some sad clowns in his neighborhood.  Such a pleasure to lead this awesome group of leaders.

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