VillageGate 2018

VillageGate 2018

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The Thang:

Ahhh, the Village- one of our new AO’s!  signed up to Q this site a few weeks ago.  Forgot that they have this place locked up tighter than Ft Knox!  Arrived at 5:15 to take my usual walk around the AO- and to take a smash, but….had to sit there and wait for the gate to be opened.  (code is 2957- please remember this!)

Watergate, trump gate has nothing on me this morning…..

cars started pulling in, I had to find a restroom (which I never did), albeit just before 5:30!  Grabbed my speaker, turned up the Mettalica, and circled up (at 5:33!)

22 Merkins IC. #22kills

31 SSH IC (then a 31 sec plank hold)

31 tempo squats (31 plank hold)

31 arm circles front, then back IC(31 plank hold)

31 Flutters IC (31 plank hold)

31 LBC’s OYO (31 sec plank hold)

walk to end of parking lot for 11’s.  Jump squats & Carolina DD.  with a 75 yard jog/mosey/run in between.  push yourself in between!  Solid work by all, plank on the 6 (me!)

back to the lot, grabbed my 46 pound sandbag!

  1. line up on the curb for calf raises.  1st person has the weight on shoulders for a 10 count, then transfer to next person in line on the curb.  80 total raises at the end of line.
  2. circle up for over head presses.  10 with the weight, then transfer to next.  80 total presses
  3. squats.  10 per with the weight, then transfer.
  4. 5 merkins with the weight, then transfer to next in circle.
  5. (this was an awesome display- lots of solid form and push as the sweat was rolling!)
  6. ended with 22 Merkins IC…….TIME

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