Violent Visit

Violent Visit

Workout Date:



1st Base


Quaker (R), Lombardi (R), Elmers (R), Rubber, Sunshine, ERC, Jeter, Baggage, Fergie, Drifter, Einstein, Beefsteak, Cross Stitch (AOQ), Candy Cane, Box Car, Back Draft, Teddy Toe Touch, Dough Boy, Spork, 1st Base

The Thang:

AO : BombSquad
Conditions : Upper 50s, no breeze

Rolled in about 5:40 and there were already a handful of cars in the parking lot and a group stretching it out by the flag. Sunshine, Quaker, Box Car, Candy Cane, Cross Stitch and I headed out for a little pre-run action and Spork soon caught up to us on his bikes. Some went a little faster and farther than others.

The crowd kept rolling in as I gave the one minute warning and we had a sizable enough group I knew I was going to have to alternate plans a little bit, but the more the merrier!

20 Side Straddle Hop, IC
15 Tempo Squat, IC
22 Merkins, OYO
15 Don Quixotes, IC
15 Thru The Tunnels
Bat Wings

The Thang
Moseyed around the perimeter and ended up back at the cross where PAX were instructed to fine a patch of artificial turf for the first exercise cycle.

20 Hydraulics
20 J. Los (count right hip only)
20 Plank Jacks

Mosey around the church, returning to the cross.

Pax were instructed to find a spot against the brick front of the church for the next exercise cycle.

20 Wall Flops
20 Donkey Kicks
20 London Bridges

At this point, Cross Stitch spoke up about the amount of unprovoked violence I had brought to his AO. I took this as a sign that maybe I should curtail any further planking exercises.

Another Mosey around the church, returning to the cross. Took a bit of a breather and walked halfway to the block pile before moseying the rest of the way.

Pax were instructed to pick a coupon of their choice and circle up in the parking lot for some block work.

15 Inclined Merkins on the Block > 5 Offset Merkins on the block, each side.
30 Bent Over Rows, OYO
20 Overhead Presses, OYO
Colt 45s, IC
15 Tricep Extensions, OYO
15 Front Raises
20 Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each leg) OYO

Racked the coupons and headed back to the flag.

Mary, Pax Choice

15 Pretzel Crunches, IC (1st Base)
15 Freddie Mercuries, IC (Cross Stitch)
15 Rubber Kicks, IC (Rubber)
15 Hello Dollies, OYO (Einstein)
15 Draw Bridges, OYO (Doughboy)
15 Box Cutters, IC (ERC)
15 Dying Cockroaches, IC (Elmer’s)
15 Heel Touches, IC (Fergie)




AOQ handoff tomorrow at Catapult

2nd F at Myrtle Beach Lanes, 6 PM this Saturday. Extra Shield Lock Challenge points for PAX attending with Ms and 2.0s

Freed to Bleed about 50 days out.

Lombardi was kind enough to pray us out.

Thankful for the big turnout and always an honor to lead such an outstanding collection of HIM.

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