Virtual Deck of Death Guest Q

Virtual Deck of Death Guest Q

Workout Date:





Kitten, Ralph Lauren, Quaker, Brown Bag (Respect!), Rubber, Headgear, Sunshine, Vitamin D, another PAX whose name I forgot (sorry!)

The Thang:

When I logged into Zoom at 5:15, Ralph Lauren was already in the meeting waiting. Around 5:20, Quaker joined, although we had to be super quiet so we wouldn’t wake anyone in his home. By 5:30 we had 9 guys, the disclaimer was given, and off we went!


20 ssh ic

20 iw ic

20 ttt ic

20 windmills ic

20 ohp (while holding a squat position) ic

The Thang:

We proceeded to do some Deck of Death. Diamonds = merkins; Spades = burpees; Hearts = 4-count mountain climbers; Clubs = big boys; Jokers = 100 ssh oyo

We completed the entire deck, giving us 91 reps of each exercise, plus 200 ssh. To bring the totals to an even 100, we did an additional 9 merkins, burpees, MCs, and big boys oyo.

Since we had already knocked out the first 2/3 of Texas Ranger’s 100 merkins/big boys/squats per day challenge, we closed out the workout with amrap squats for the last 2 1/2 minutes. Everyone either got to 100 squats or at least pretty close.

Prayer requests included Vitamin D’s wife who is sick, the family of Frankie Martin (the recently-deceased father of Rubber’s sister-in-law), and all families as we navigate the coronavirus season.

It was awesome to be “back” at F3 Grand Strand and to see old friends. Know that I am lifting you all in my prayers. If you’re ever in the Clemson area once this virus is behind us, come over for a workout with F3 Clemson on Monday/Wednesday at 5:30 or Saturday at 7.


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