Wait, wait. Did you say 1000 reps??

Wait, wait. Did you say 1000 reps??

Workout Date:





Bling, Lombardi, Geno, Varsity, Hoser, Billboard, Franklin, Macho Man, Stewy, Snipps, Screaming Eagle, FNG (Name under advisement!)

The Thang:

Woke up early, to the sound of thunder (are those lyrics?) and rain at 0350 as we had planned a pre-ruck.  That wasn’t in the cards for me and let Slack know I would be out for the ruck and modifying the beatdown as I was anticipating rain and more rain……  God was smiling on me this AM- he knew my workout was legendary, or biblical!

pulled into the AO around 0510, drove around the Common to make sure we were good with locales and flooding.  Light rain and 78, slightly humid but the pellets felt good!  1 minute warning, cars rolling in late.

Saw a new face- Gunner walked over, one of Weedeater boys joining us for the 1st time- way to show up Weedeater!  Solid leadership.  We move on, gave disclaimer, aimed at Gunner especially- lets roll.

mosey to the other side of the bridge, circle up.  (where Geno thought I was stealing his weak Q from Sat!)

22 Merkins IC. #22Kills

20 IW IC

20 arm circles forward, 20 Overhead claps, 20 revers Arm circles- just to get the shoulders ready!

grab a tree- 2 PAX per.  1 leg on the trunk for 1 legged squats IC. (this took some time to figure out with our PAX- not sure of the degree of difficulty putting a leg on a tree.  #Geno). 10 per leg IC

20 tempo squats IC- just to get the legs ready!

partner up with same PAX you spent solid time with on the tree.  line up in 2’s with your buddy- Indian run around Valor park, and down past Gordon Beirsch, stop at curb.

partner #1- wall sits.  Partner #2 30 squats (partner 1 counts for #2- as to avoid cheating #Hoser)

partner #1 wall climb (or handstand- again, very difficult maneuver for some PAX). partner #2 30 calf raises

partner #1 wall sits.  partner #2 50 Rock Balboas on curb. (#1 counts for #2)

Mosey to parking deck near movie theater- stay with your partner

#1- Karaoke up the slope to top of deck- 5 merkins.  mosey down the stairs in the corner and do 5 Hello Dolly’s at the bottom, mosey back to front to join partner.  #2- 1000 LBC’s. (Yes, I. believe 1000 is the most reps done in a beatdown, will have to check with F3 Corporate on this). repeat and switch until 1000 is complete.

Hoser gave me the 0605 time- scheduling was perfect (as always).  mosey/walk/recover back to the corner.  partner sprints together for the block.  walk/mosey the crosswalks.  3 sprints to get to the bridge, walk over this slick bridge.

circle up as we had a few more minutes!



22 Merkins IC. #22Kills

Mosey to flag- time.

1 FNG- Gunner as mentioned.  Brought him in the circle for the usual talk/naming.  he works in the “weed” business, something with the technical side.  a few names like “Roach, Mary Jane, and Weed” were mentioned.  I will need to get up with the Board to see where we want to go with this!

awesome push- wanted to make sure we hit all body parts, push with some running, and more importantly, stay together as a unit, and have some fun.  Solid work men.

Announcements and Prayer- Honor to push and lead my Brothers……


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