Warning: You can’t Unsee Some Things

Warning: You can’t Unsee Some Things

Workout Date:





Hottub (AOQ), Sunshine, Beefsteak, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 56 degrees, perfect running weather

5:13 – 2 minutes of unenthusiastic stretching

5:14 – One Minute Warning ( this is when Hamburglar usually rolls in with his short shorts . . . Not today)

5:15 – No headlamps were lit #StealthMode, the tunes were cranked & off we went.

As we begin down Frontage Road, there was much chatter that today would be a nice easy pace, after all Hamburglar was not present & could not taunt us into quickening our pace with his signature “loop back” technique.

As we ascend the bridge, YHC found himself out in front (the short shorts must have helped) with plenty of chatter coming from behind by Sunshine & Beefsteak. This was Beefsteak’s 2nd Friday in a row and although he claims to have a trick knee there was no lag evidenced in his stride.

We ran down the other side of the bridge, past the Barc Park & the YMCA and onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive (CCE Dr). When CCE Drive intersected with 62nd Avenue, YHC circled back to his fellow PAX and as I turned around the other 3 got a few steps on me. When they reached the intersection of CCE & 62nd Ave., Hottub made the executive decision to turn left, heading west on 62nd Ave towards the waterway.

We all remained in a tight formation and made a ½ lap around the turn-about before heading south on Marina Parkway (MP). We continued on MP for approximately ¼ mile then turned right onto the running path that eventually runs parallel to the intercoastal waterway. This is the same run path that recently had a 5×10 sinkhole across it just weeks ago. Because of the darkness of the path and the potential hazards in the gloom, YHC broke stealth protocol and lit the spotlight app on my phone. #Rule31 – Safety First

After encountering caution tape & ignoring it in stride, we were pleasantly surprised that the powers that be put our taxes to good use and doubled the previous length of pavement. We finally had to leave the path for safety reasons when we encountered a pallet of 2x6s. Even though we saw the pallet, it still almost took at least one of the PAX out. At this point we made our own path up and over the hill until we reached the paved roads of the new community being built.

We ran north through the community, then east until we intersected with Marina Parkway once more. Now on Marina Parkway, we ran south towards 62nd Avenue. Somewhere along this stretch Sunshine told us a story about viewing something on the internet that no one should ever see & how you can not unsee such sights. We talked about man’s inhumanity to his fellow man and the dangers of group think. We talked about guarding our hearts, resisting temptation, and not demonizing people who may disagree with us. We even revisited Atlanta’s devastating loss in Superbowl 51 (Something that Hottub can’t unsee 😊).

After reconnecting with 62nd Avenue we headed east, then turned south onto CCE Drive and onto the run path (Col. Bob Bell Path). At the foot of the bridge we all kicked up the pace and by the time we re-entered Frontage Road it became a full sprint back to the Hulk.

6:00 – Time Called

The Numbers: 5.08 miles . . . 8:22 pace (“A nice easy pace” – not bad for a couple of old men & a Beefsteak)

Annnouncements: Freed to Bleed (12/30/2020); Ugly Sweater Convergence (12.19.2020); Plantation Lakes Turkey Trot (11.26.2020); Village/Catapult Beatdown at Plantation Lakes before the Turkey Trot (11.26.2020); Write your BackBlasts





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