Warthog 2021 Kickoff

Warthog 2021 Kickoff

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Boxcar, Humpback, Spinal Tap, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC got a Slack message from AOQ Flash Sunday evening as he tried to fill the Warthog Q sheet for January. Mesmerized by his flowing locks (yes, even through a Slack message), YHC took a look and saw the first Warthog Q of 2021 available – I’ll take it!  YHC pulled into the AO at 0508 to a perfectly empty parking lot.  You can only behold the true beauty of the Forbus lot when it’s not covered by cars a trucks tatted with F3 stickers.  At 0512, the lot was still empty and YHC started wondering if this would be a solo Q, but shortly after the YOP clown car (is it considered a clown car when only 2 of the 5 YOPpers are in it?? Bling? OneCall? Geno?) pulled in followed immediately by Humpback and Spinal Tap. Thankful for some accountability and fellowship, but mentally tweaking the #weinke a bit, YHC climbed out of the warm truck and we got to work.

1 minute warning

SSH x 10 IC
5 Merkins OYO
SSH x 10 IC
5 Merkins OYO
SSH x 10 IC
5 Merkins OYO
IW x 15 IC
TT x 15 IC
LBAC x 15 IC
LBAC Reverse x 15 IC
Overhead Press x 15 IC
Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Mosey to the bridge for Bear Crawl up, 15 Carolina Dry Docks, Crawl Bear down

Circle back up for a little Mary: 20 BBSU, 20 Flutter Kicks IC, 20 American Hammers IC (no fun for the lower back after Bling’s Good Mornings at #ElevationMonday)

Mosey to the parking deck

Back pedal up the first ramp, 10 Squats, back pedal up the next ramp, 10 squats, sprint the straightaway, 10 squats, backpedal the final ramp, 10 squats, sprint to the wall

Mosey to the stairwell and down

Modified DORA – split into 2 groups
Group 1: mosey up first ramp and back
Group 2: AMRAP merkins (no need to count)
Swap and complete 3 sets of each

Round 2:
Group 1: backpedal up first ramp, mosey down
Group 2: AMRAP squats
Swap and complete 2 sets of each

Mosey out to the fountain

11s: step ups (count each leg) and incline merkins

Mosey to picnic tables

11s: dips and LBCs

30 Flutter Kicks IC

Mosey back to the cars

SSH x 10 IC
5 Merkins OYO
SSH x 10 IC
10 Merkins OYO
SSH x 10 IC
22 Merkins OYO

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 5
–  Freed to Bleed
–  Convergence at Timeshare this Saturday 0700 to send of Weasel
–  GrowRuck – SIGN UP
Prayer requests unspoken


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