Warthog AO Tour

Warthog AO Tour

Workout Date:





Billboard (RESPECT), Sleepy (RESPECT), Manzell (DR RALEIGH RESPECT), Burgundy, Bubbles, Karma, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

So its my turn to take Homebase for a spin and i am excited!  I implement BAMCIS which is an acronym in the Marine Corps (Begin planning, Arrange reconnaissance, Make reconnaissance, Complete the Plan, Issue the order, SUPERVISE).  In civilian words:  Plan it, Check out what you have in the area, Finalize your plan and Execute.  I have been to the Warthog AO a few times, but i had never Q’d nor had i really been around to know exactly what they have going on.  I spent the night on google maps trying to put a basic game plan together and how i can get creative with what they have down there.  I got a text late last night that a couple of FNG’s were going to show up, so i decided to step back and keep it simple.

I arrived at the AO about 15mins early to get set up.  Planning on 4 Corners with warm-ups etc… to make sure the FNG’s are confused and keep them interested.  I got everything set up and ready to go and I see Billboard rolling around on his bike, and Burgundy was doing some warm up laps.  So i mosey back to the meeting area and get ready to introduce my self to the local Warthog group…

1 Minute Warning-  I give my disclaimer and look around and there are 6 of us, and NO FNG’s..  So i tell the Pax i was planning on keeping it simple for them, but there not here… SO I SCRAPPED MY WHOLE PLAN.  We have veterans here and i don’t want to stay in the soaking wet field the whole time so Johnny on the spot will make it up as we go.  Lets get it…

Warm UP

SSHx 20 IC

TTT x 10 IC

IW x 20 IC

Tempo Squat x 10 IC

Hillbillies x 20 IC

Peter Parkers x 10 IC

Somewhere in there Bubbles came in hot and joined in the activities.  Karma gives me the great idea that everyone loves to go to the parking deck, so we head that way! I have never been there but we love our parking decks at Timeshare so off we go.  On the way i see a random decent size hill just off the path so i stop the pax…

PARTNER UP-  A pax AMRAP Squats while B pack runs up hill BACKWARDS (Complete Calf Burner) completes (1) Burpee and returns Backwards.  Pax switch, A runs up hill Backwards while B completes AMRAP Squats.  We did 3 Rounds and got back on schedule to parking deck. We get to the parking deck and YHC notices how nice and long the grade is here.  Perfect.

PARTNER UP AGAIN-  A pax AMRAP Lunges while B pax sprints up ramp completes (1) Merkin and sprints back down.  Pax switch, A sprints up while B pax complete AMRAP Lunges. Mosey up to next ramp

PARNTER UP AGAIN- SAME THING-  AMRAP Squats- Bigboi’s on Top.  Mosey to next ramp.

PARTNER UP AGAIN- SAME THING- AMRAP Bigboi’s and Bonnie Blairs on Top.

After the 3rd Round i kept the pax on the top deck for a quick cool down session since everyones heart rates are UP!!  so we did some Dynamics-  High Knees, Butt Kicks, High Knee Holds, Frankensteins,  After that we took the stairs back down and headed over to the water fountain.

Water Fountain- Dips and Derkins on my down.  25 x Derkins followed by 25 x Dips.  Real crowd pleaser.   After that we mosey over to the road and complete 25 Don Quixote’s OYO and 25 Calf Raises on my Up.  After that quickly mosey over to the far bridge on the south end of the pond.  Lunge Walk up the Bridge, Complete 3 Burpees, Reverse Lunge walk down the other side.  Bridge was slick, so make sure you watch out for that if you are there and its wet.  After this we mosey back towards home and i see my cones that were set up for before and since we have 15 minutes left… Why not?

4 Corners

RD 1-  Corner 1 (30) LBC’s,  Corner 2 (30) Mountain Climbers, Corner 3 (30) Squats, Corner 4 (30) Merkins

RD 2- Corner 1 (30) Bigboi’s, Corner 2 we did pax choice as we only had about 3 mins left so Sleepy calls out 5 Merkins and we knock those out and head back to start.

2 Minutes-  YHC made the call to enjoy some group stretching since all these guys put out the whole time..


Great work by all.  These guys motivated the whole time.  PAX were racing and pressing hard!!  great work out great group of guys.  I need to get down here more often.

Count Off- Name O Rama

Announcements-  2nd F Bowling Night TONIGHT!!  810 Market Commons 1800- Until

FREED TO BLEED- October 30th 1200-1800 Make sure you preregister! Carolina Forest Community Center

Warthog Closed on Tuesday- Go to VQ at Catapult or Blackbeard’s Revenge 5 Year anniversary (0515)

Prayer Requests- Terrible Accident yesterday morning near Andrews.  Head on Collision and prayers to all involved.  Families were ripped apart.  Details are out in the news.


Bubbles prayed us out.


Honor To Lead and thanks for having me…


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