Warthog Back!

Warthog Back!

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Headgear, Hamburglar, Lumbardy, Hoser, Penelope, Wildcat, Fergie, Gino, Lookout, Franklin, Shawn Green (FNG) Huey

The Thang:

How sweet it is to turn the corner form my run this morning to see the sexy faces of my brothers starting to circle up in are short term home AO.
Boys it’s been to long.
We still had a few smiling faces not with us. To each his own. You know who you are.
To the guys that stayed after it during lock down, you are The guys I look up to.
NOW! To the Thang.

Circled up and ready,

1 min warning given,

was advised by the best looking gym teacher in Horry County that we had an FNG.
Disclaimer given, and advice to FNG.

Told every one that I was happy to see them and we began.

25 ssh

5 burpees
15 imperwalkwr
5 burpees
22 merkims OYO
5 burpees
15 tempo squat
5 burpees
Through the tunnel 15
LbAC 15
Reverse 15
Ohp 15
Indian run to the parking deck in the back to stay Incognito, Hoser wouldn’t be our spokesperson of the Cops rolled up…. but whatever.
for 5 mins
5 mins
5 diamond merkins
Sprint to top.
5 jump squats
Mosey down
5 burpees
2 min cool down
Second round
5 big boy
Sprint to top
5 Carolina dry docks
Mosey down
5 ssh
5 mins
2 min cool down
Third round
5 mins
5 hand relates merkins
Sprint to top.
5 lunges
Mosey down
5 burpees
bear crawl to the top of the parking deck, a short round of Merry, flusters, hatchling sit-ups, and box-cutters.

Mosey back to AO,
count off, 12
name-O -Rama.
looking for someone to take over coms, 5 years now for Penelope and one-call.
15 year workout and the wear abouts of that.
tossed our new guy in the circle and had a difficult time naming this guy….
guess it’s been a while. To long.

prayed out,
wildcats Final for school.

It was a breath of fresh air to work with all these guys again. It helps to have that one brother push you up a ramp, or tell you good job.
you need that in your life. I as so Motivated to get out of bed and get the day going.
Cheers brother! And Happy Cinco de Mayo!

may you write your worries in the sand and chisel your victories in stone.
Honor to lead


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