Warthog in the cold….

Warthog in the cold….

Workout Date:





Weedeater, Bling, Lombardi, Humpback, Slider (2.0), Flash, Bubbles, Penelope, Huey, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

37, 40, 43 – depending on who you asked.  98 if you saw Bubbles in a t-shirt and shorts!

On Monday Flash Q’d (and crushed us) at #ElevationMonday.  He asked for some of us to help him fill the sheet, so I took Saturday.  I was excited to get out on a Saturday at #Warthog since between the holidays, me moving, and the recent multiple convergences, it seemed like it had definitely been a minute since I was here on a Saturday.  Bling, Lombardi and I got in a nice 3+ mile pre-ruck as we continue to train for GrowRuck.  Wish we had more of y’all out there!  Great time to learn pacing, ask questions, test out footwear, etc.  Anyhow, Weedeater has some injuries so I modified the Q a bit so he could come.  Here is what we did:

1 minute warning

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
CDDs x 15 IC
Moroccan Nightclubs with Hip Thrusters for Penelope and Weedeater
All stare at Flash
Butterfly BBSUs x 15 OYO
LBCs x 25 OYO
Hillbillies x 15 IC
Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
Flutters x 20 IC
LBCs x 25 OYO

We moved to some high ground so our knees could hit dirt rather than pavement
Dan Taylors
1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs)
Keep increasing by 1 and 4 – Keep this ratio for 10:40
HOLY COW!  WOW that’s a smoker!!!
Nobody could figure out how many lunges it was (220) but it was A LOT!
We needed Valvano and his huge brain to do the math.  I used a calculator later.
Thanks for not being there V – we had to exercise our brains today rather than rely on our resident genius!

Mosey/stumble/walk over to playground.  LEGS WERE HEAVY!!!

Partner up
P1 – 5 burpees while P2 hangs in pull up position if possible and for as long as possible // Switch
P1 – 5 burpees while P2 planks // Switch
P1 – Run out of the playground and around the outside fence while P2 hangs // Switch
P1 – Run while P2 planks // Switch

Keep partners
P1 try to do 5 reps – good ones – if you do less, that’s fine, do em good/well.  Do more (Flash) if you want.  P2. Plank // Switch
P1 – Chin ups // P2 – Al Gore // Switch
P1 – Ranger pull ups // P2 – Plank // Switch
P1 – Blings // P2 – Al Gore // Switch

While we are here at the nice soft playground, let’s do Captain Therkin!
1 Butterfly BBSU, followed by 4 Flutters – Pop 5 merkins in here to break up the ab work
Keep increasing by 1 and 4 – Keep this ratio for 10:40.  Keep the merkins at 5 each time

Everybody happy?  NO!!!!  Complaints of this workout feeling like it is 1.5 hours.  Abs hurt, legs hurt, blah blah!

To the picnic tables

Partners again
P1 does AMRAP of the exercise, while P2 runs up and over and down and back up and over the hill!
Dips – HAHA – see note below on Huey
Abyss Merkins
Step ups
Calf Raises
Heels to Heaven off the end of picnic table

Mosey to start
TIME!  Everyone smoked and got their money’s worth and then some!

Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests for sick PAX
Prayer requests and Praise report for Weedeater’s SIL and new baby!!!!
Prayer requests for Injured PAX
Prayer requests for all those first responders and those involved in another tragic loss of a LEO
Prayer requests for our country
Prayers unspoken

– Huey – So, when YHC was telling the guys to do some great dips, since the tricep is 2/3 of the arm and fills out the sleeves in your t-shirts and you want them bigger so you look sexy….Huey yelled out about biceps.  Now, we know he was trying to say “curls for the girls.”  BUT, he said “BIs for the GUYS!”  Yes, he did. LOL!!!!  Freudian Slip???  F3 is open to all men!!!!!!
– Weedeater has an injury caused by a “club” hitting his pelvis…but like the true #HIM he is, he was out there pushing hard and using his ruck to train
– Penelope – great having you out there with us man.  Tries to pretend he can’t do some things cause of hip, but he does it all and does great.  No whining – sign up for GrowRuck!
– Bling – 1 hour of solid hard work by everyone.  Bling – really crushed the calf raises
– Lombardi – as always, crushes it all
– Bubbles – Finally got cold in his under-dressed attire but as usual smoked everything thrown at him
– Humpback and Slider – love love love seeing the 2.0s popping out there with their dads.  11 years old and does more reps with better form than his dad!!!  Watch your back Brother!!!!
– Flash – cut hair, or NO?  Bling thought he looks much more handsome with a haircut (choice does seem pretty clear):
Clark Powers

– #FreedtoBleed Round 3 on March 2.  SIGN UP!  Save 3 lives.  If you don’t, you are a big meanie!
– GrowRuck – 4/30-5/2/21 – Join the Slack channels Soto has set up.  Cubbie has the lend a rucks.  Start training – don’t be scared.  YHC, Bling, Valvano, Hoser, Soto, Weedeater, Flash will be glad to assist.  Show up to Elevation Mondays and/or Waveruckers or look for other opportunities coming!  Like January 30!


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