Warthog lake tour!!

Warthog lake tour!!

Workout Date:



Jingles (Respect)


Headgear, hamburgerlar, bubbles, varsity, karma, scuba Steve, snips, QIC Jingles (respect)

The Thang:

Arrived early as most days to see one waiting in lot.  So took a stroll through AO to have peace before beat down begins.  Ran upon Headgear coming in for beat down so we strolled back to lt together.

it was a heavy air weighted 73 degrees with humidity?? High !!

one minute warning given as pax still arriving, beatdown begins after disclaimer given twice to make up for Tuesday Q missing it.

All IC unless noted

25 of each unless noted


imperial walkers

5 burpees OYO

LB arm circles- forwards-backwards

air presses

cherry pickers

overhead claps

through the tunnel

22 merkins OYO


left over right leg stretches

right over left leg stretches

mosey to bridge 5 burpees OYO

starting of lake tour begins

run to corner of Farrow 50 big boys then plank  mumble chatter about BB how many we going to do so stated this is it!

run to first traffic signal 50 merkins then plank

run to crossing traffic signal 50 two count flutter kicks then plank

run to far bridge 50 LBC’s then plank

bear crawl across bridge 5 burpees on other side plank

run to starting bridge 50 American hammers plank

mosey to picnic tables and proceed to do 50 step ups and 50 dips

mosey back to virtual flag in lot

namerama, announcements, prayer request, Jingles friend Tony still on life support, Jingles parents lost dog last night, unspoken ones GOD knows!!


Always an honor to lead and to be a part of this group of men!  F3 grandstand rocks!

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