Warthog Northeast TN Style

Warthog Northeast TN Style

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The Thang:

17 men gathered to humor yet another Guest Q from a visiting PAX going Down Range. Late in the vacation season, YHC suspected the PAX may have guest Q fatigue. I didn’t want to be cute or try to come up with something the Grand Strand PAX hadn’t seen. Rather, I decided to stick to my underlying philosophy—repetitive simplicity—a handful of movements, but a lot of them, over and over.


Modified COP

Mosey to the bottom circle of the track, facing the softball field. Down and back (30 yards):
• Light jog
• High knees
• Butt kicks
• Carioca
• Power skips
• Side lunge

Turn toward the field, down and back (100 yards)
• Stride 20, pick it up for 60, throttle down for 20

Mosey to Mount Myrtle

The Thang:

YHC wanted to introduce the Grand Strand PAX to a Northeast Tennessee favorite—20’s. Normally this consists of 20 rounds of 20-yard shuttle runs on the field with 10 merkins and 10 squats after each run—15-20 second recovery between rounds. YHC did a little recon on Tuesday and thought it would be interesting to modify the 20’s and make use of the distinctive mound feature in the middle of the AO.

10 rounds of Mount Myrtle shuttle runs
• Starting at the top of Mount Myrtle, down one side to the paved walk-way, up and over to the other side to the paved walk-way, back to the top
• 10 merkins and 10 squats at the top
• 15-20 second recovery

Shuttle runs over Mount Mytrle were legit…or maybe it was the ridiculous food I’ve been eating?

Short mosey over to the playground. If YHC could only do one workout the rest of my days it would be Murph, or some variation. Seemed in order.

10 Minute AMRAP (more like 12 minutes)
• 5 pull-ups
• 10 merkins
• 15 box jumps or bench step ups

Mosey back to the field, about 4 minutes left—just enough time for YHC’s version of MARY. The best way to get abs?— burpees.

EMOM for 3 minutes
• 8 burpees

Typically YHC does this for 8 minutes and its burpees over blocks, but given we had no blocks, and only 3 minutes, we made it work. YHC also knew there were 34 burpees coming up…


Thanks to the Grand Strand PAX for allowing me to bring some of Northeast Tennessee back to SC. I appreciate the opportunity to stay engaged with F3 while on vacation. Serious T-claps to One Call for organizing guest Q’s over the vacation season, I’m sure that takes a tremendous amount of work and coordination. If traveling through Northeast Tennessee, look us up, we will return the favor.


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