Warthog with strong numbers

Warthog with strong numbers

Workout Date:





Weedeater (2F Q) Flash (WH AOQ), Penelope (Comz Co-Q), Cotton Candy, FNG, Oreos, Bubbles, Headgear, Hambuglar, Pikachu (CP AOQ) QIC

The Thang:

AO Warthog

Conditions 62 degrees and beautiful

somehow I have managed to not Q at WH since I’ve started F3. That’s coming up on two years next month. All AO’s are kinda hurting in numbers right now. Hard to pin point the issues other than Covid related. And maybe the cold weather. Saw a few days ago that a workout at WH consisted of  Flash and Bubbles who apparently worked out through a tornado! Wow, that’s amazing guys! So I get to the AO a few minutes early and since I don’t know maybe cars there one vehicle in the lot. Then guys start coming. I figured 5-6 guys would show. And then guys kept rolling in. 9 sweet, then my man Hambuglar came in hot for a double digit Q. Heck yeah! Karma did tell me Saturday he was a HC for Tuesday but he posted at Blackbeard. Awesome, getting out a posting somewhere. There was a point I liked to only see a cpl guys at a Q. It was a new CE comfort zone for me in my early Q days but I’ve graduated to enjoying a good 10-15 guys at a workout. I’ve a learned to really expect the unexpected and change in the fly as the Q can be a ever evolving morning from minute to minute.

One Minute Warning

Pax were chatting and gave them a second to get there chat in but decided enough was enough and time to get this group under control.

Proper Disclaimer and F3 Mission

I also told the Pax I like to warm up a little different as I personally don’t agree with SSH ( a jolting body action) right off the bat. Body has no chance to warm up and boom, shock the heck out of it.

15 Harry Rockets (Demonstration needed) IC

5 Merkins OYO

15 Tempo Squats, IW

5 Merkins OYO

20 LBAC F,R,Seal Claps,

5 Merkins OYO

15 HB IC

5 Merkins OYO

20 SSH IC now that the body is warmed up

Segment 1

Wave of Merkins- Explanation needed and pax decided to count 1,1,1 instead of 1,2,3,etc… but i got them straight. We finally stopped at 50 cause the Pax were getting ancy and a little wild. Ok time to get moving.

Mosey towards the Picnic tables and stopped approximately 130’ from the tables which seemed to stop the throw the Pax off enough the Spark a comment from Headgear. We never stop here. Good, right out the gate got the Pax heads all messed up.

Segment 2

Lunge left, lunge right, squat, pax go on each side of the grass towards the tables.

Segment 3

Abyss Merkins 100 4 count. Merkin, left shoulder tap, Merkin, right shoulder tap = 1 rep. Best part of these is the picnic tables don’t move and well me and bubbles got stuck on a wide spread between tables. Must have been a struggle for shorter fellas. These were brutal, shoulders were smoked after 100 of these. Partner 2 Mosey to the shed and back

Segment 4

Elevated Mtn Climbers 200 2 Count. Proved to be an extra layer of difficulty on the slippery metal picnic table benches.

Segment 5

Mosey across bridge to concrete area.

line up shoulder to shoulder, this seemed to be a struggle for flash. Good thing he’s pretty.

Plank Walk towards sidewalk, one at a time Indian run to front of line and continue Plank walk. Once at the main sidewalk plank walk back towards the bridge.

Segment 6

Gas Pumpers 200

single count. partner 2 mosey across bridge and back. Somewhere I lost a partner here. Oh well, I cut my reps to 100 and kept pace with the Pax.

Time to mosey back to shovel flag. The young gents decided to race back while I took a good pace back to the flag.

Looked at my watch and we’ve still got one minute left. Perfect told Pax to get on their Six for some Flutter kicks IC. Pax didn’t like this one too much. Think they got their monies worth at this point but I didn’t want to cheat anyone. 25 IC and man their was some seriously terrible form from the Pax on these. Legs straight out gents, no bent knees, legs six inches off the ground, and flutter. Legs move about 18” each way and boom men, there you have a flutter.


Count-o-Rama 10


FNG to the middle, he like wrestling and apparently nothing else so Cotton Candy said he likes music so Pax came up with Soprano. Welcome soprano. I wanted Barbi but no one seems to like my F3 name suggestion. Oh well, Soprano it is. Welcome to F3!

Announcements: GR22 training Saturday at 5am at WH. Led by OneCall and Volvano.

Give blood, sign up, stop hating kittens. Apparently that’s what OneCall says you hate kittens if you don’t give blood.

Prayers: John Poston and unspoken

Had a great time with these WH guys today. First Q was fun and well received. Didn’t receive much criticism which is good by me. Will definitely be back again to Q and workout with these awesome men. Some are strange but that’s ok. They probably say the same thing about me. Thanks for having me guys!




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