Wave till it burns

Wave till it burns

Workout Date:





Rousey, Kiwi, Single Barrel, Patdown, Mousepad, Pikachu

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: A beautiful comfortable 59 degrees and ripe for a beatdown to warm the body

Originally my buddy O’douls had the Q today but he was feeling the effects of this chest cold going around lately. So I offered to help him out and Cover his Q. I’ve come to actually enjoy leading the workouts lately. I guess I finally realized that the worst workout is the one that didn’t happen. So a last minute plan was devised the night before. I usually take a couple days to methodically think about a full body workout and how each exercise ties everything together. Not always successful but I try.

Anyway I was excited for a couple new FNGs that were a HC for today’s beatdown. Couldn’t wait to get to the parking lot and greet our new guys. Sadly, that didn’t happen but I was greeted by Rousey and Kiwi which is always good to see familiar faces. Single Barrel was last to arrive and it’s soon time to start.

One minute warning

Proper Disclaimer

COP: SSH 20 IC, IW 20 IC, Flutter Kick 20 IC, LBAC F,R, OHC, SC, OHP 15 EA IC.

Segment #1

Four Corners

Mosey to SW corner of parking lot

Circle up for the Wave of Merkins until Q says stop, which I stopped at 54. Everyone holds plank, each pax counts their merkin while the remaining PAX holds plank. Why stop at 54, because the Q can. Lol

Mosey to curb line for 30 seconds of Rocky Balboa

Mosey to NW corner of Parking lot

Circle Up for the Wave of Wack a Mole until Q says stop which was 108. We doubled the first set. Wack a mole is PAX circle up, hold the squat position, each PAX will stand up for a second of relief counting their number. This is a good quad burner as you are holding the squat position for about 5 minutes or so.

Mosey to curb line for One Minute of Rocky Balboa.

Mosey to NE corner of Parking Lot

Circle up for the Wave of Alternating Shoulder Taps for a 108 count. PAX holds plank and counts each shoulder tap and next PAX does the same until we hit 108. Good plank ab day and upper body workout.

Mosey to curb line for One Minute of Rocky Balboa

Mosey to SE Corner of Parking Lot

Circle up for the Wave of Flutters for a 54 count. PAX holds legs six inches off the ground, one does does a two count flutter while the remaining PAX holds six inches and next PAX does the same while the remains pax holds six inches.

Segment #2

PAX lines up across double parking spots.

Q asked Rousey to pick an exercise, Heels to Heaven was chosen.

Suicides with Heels to Heaven, Mosey up three parking lines, mosey back to the beginning and do 5 heels to heaven. Parking mosey increases by three lines every-time until the opposite side of parking lot is reached and do 5 heels to the heaven every time you get back to the beginning.

Q asked Kiwi to pick an exercise and I wasn’t sure if I asked him to give me a kidney or pick an exercise.

He wanted to do bear crawl and had to remind him we’re doing suicides with an exercise. So he choose Big Boy Sit-ups, 5 BBSU on each return home. Same theory as above.

Q asked Single Barrel what was next as no one else was interested in giving a workout. Single Barrel is very concerned about our hip tightness and choose the Spider Man. Each leg gets a deep stretch on the hip flexor and it’s kinda like a Mountain Climber on steroids. 5 Spider Mans on each return home.

Segment #3

Mosey back to invisible shovel flag for a round of Mary for all to participate in. Q set a max of 10 reps in cadence to allow everyone a chance to participate.

Pikachu: Crunchy Frog IC

Patdown: LBC IC

Mousepad: Flutter Kicks IC

Rousey: Flutter Kicks IC

Single Barrel: Freddie Mercury IC

Kiwi: American Hammers IC.

Q asked Rousey to lead us in some stretching for a couple minutes

Time Called




MB Mini Marathon this week, CCU Hoke football game m, Hit up Geno on slack, Christmas Party Dec 14


Prayers for Rousey and Kiwis young Hormonal raging teenagers and how to navigate life.

Prayers for O’douls

Prayers for Pikachu in-laws. Dealing with the sudden loss of their 41 year old autistic daughter.






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