WaveRucker 1.005

WaveRucker 1.005

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Hoser, OneCall, Lombardi, Bling, Flop, Headgear, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

WaveRucker has been fairly hit or miss for a number of months now as a few of the regular PAX were training for the Blue Ridge Relay … running?? WTF?!? Deep down we all know that running sucks though and “why run when you can ruck?”, right? So YHC claimed the Q and knocked the cob webs off the ruck in the garage and threw together a simple #weinke – miles and smiles with a little PT. The official relaunch of WaverRucker (coined WaveRucker 2.0 Phoenix Rising by AOQ Hoser) is still a few weeks off.

We got the morning started with the old reliable pre-ruck route down the Fairy Trail and past the airport for about 2.25 miles and into the smaller parking deck. At the base of the incline YHC described our PT portion of the workout. We would model after Week 2 of Iron PAX with a few slight modifications.

5 Ruck Merkins at the base of the incline
OH carry ruck up the ramp
10 We’re Not Worthys at the top (PAX on knees, ruck from ground to OH with straight arms)
Farmer’s Carry ruck back down
5 Ruck Merkins at the base of the incline
OH carry ruck up the ramp
15 Goblet Squats
Farmer’s Carry ruck back down
Continue with: 20 Tricep Extensions, 25 Ruck Swings, 30 Curls

We took a quick breather with a ruck around the top of the deck before starting the next round. Same as above, but substituted front ruck hold (no handles) instead of OH carry.

With the PT portion of the morning wrapped up, we got back to rucking. One more lap around the top of the parking deck, out and around the the PF Chang’s horse, into the large parking deck, all the way to the top and back down and then circled the north side of the lake back to Forbus and in to the cars. About 1.3 miles.

Since we had a few minutes left, Flop brought out the famous stretching ropes and led us through a few positions.

1. Freed to Bleed next Friday 9/23/2022
2. Hightower Memorial Workout/5K/Bridge cleanup on Oct. 1st – details to come
Prayer Requests:
1. Hoser – job change
2. Headgear – Father-in-law Joe

NMMS: Great to be back out at WaveRucker! The 2ndF can’t be beat and I still say its the best total 1stF offering in the region! Appreciate Flop making the drive in from Maryland and it’s always great to catch up with Hoser again – can’t wait for the 2.0 launch and the inevitable crushing beatdown he delivers.