WaveRucker versus (?) SandBlox…..

WaveRucker versus (?) SandBlox…..

Workout Date:



OneCall, then Billboard and Flash


Bling, Flop, Podcast, Headgear, Quaker, Vitamin D, Billboard, Flash, OneCall AND Honorary Corningstone (Amanda Kinseth from WPDE)

The Thang:

Perfection – Mid 70’s on the beach watching the sun rise!

June is Men’s Health Month so our AWESOME friends at WPDE reached out to us and asked if they could do another spotlight on us.  Last time, it was freezing and raining and dark!  But it was a great great spotlight and we got quite a few inquiries and some FNG’s out of it.  This time promised better weather, the beach, the ocean waves, the sun…o yeah!

Wednesday is normally a #WaveRucker day for many of us.  However, none of us yet wanted to put on a ruck after the weekend’s Star Course…and we were going to combine this with SandBlox for a 2 hour workout on the beach.  I told Flash and Billboard I would take 50ish minutes, get in 2 of the live video feeds and then they could take the rest.    Worked out great!

Got there early to set everything up.  Thank you to all that helped lug this stuff.

1 minute warning and Disclaimer

As instructed by cameraman Matt – who is supposed to show Saturday at #Warthog – we jumped into our “warm up” // COP
SSH x 15 IC
IW x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Merkins x 11 IC (that made 22 guys – #22Kills)

Head over to the planned workout around the flag with 17 stations
Took an old one of mine and modified some to stay in 1 place to make it easier on the cameraman and also so that us ruckers didn’t have to move very much!

Pick a station to start.  Do 12 reps, go around clockwise.  When back to 1st exercise, do 10.  Then again. Then 8.

  1. Merkins on Blocks
  2. LBCs
  3. Burpees
  4. Curls – 40 lb sandbag
  5. KB Swing – 50 lb
  6. Tricep Extensions – 45 lb plate
  7. Jump Squats
  8. Flutters
  9. Shoulder to Shoulder press – 60 lb SandBag
  10. BBSU’s
  11. KB Snatch – 30 lb
  12. Heavy Squats – 80 lb sandbag
  13. Goblet Squats – 40 lb KB
  14. Busdivers – 30 lb plate
  15. Bent over Rows –block or bag
  16. Lunges
  17. KB Swing – 30 lb

Amanda jumped in here and crushed things!!!  Some of the weights were a little heavy, but her form was spot on!!  In fact she called out Quaker for his Merkins, Vitamin D for his busdrivers, and Bling for his….um…standing around waiting to only workout when the camera was rolling!!

That took us a little past “time” although time was relative since we had to go til 0700!

Billboard and Flash took over with some partner work
Burpee block toss – alternate partners 6 out and 6 back – like 50 times we did this
Block toss out and run in with block while partner does AMRAP surrenders – 2x
Flutters while pressing block while partner runs out and then back – 2x
Shoulder press while partner backwards runs out and then forward back – 2x
At this point some guys had to go, so we said our farewells.  Some of us then packed up all the other stuff while Billboard and Flash kept on keeping on with all sorts of workouts and surfees and curls curls curls and lots of other stuff waiting for that last live shot!

Count-O-Rama – 10 total – with some having to leave early
Name-O-Rama – WELCOME HONORARY Corningstone
Prayer requests for families traveling over holidays
Prayer requests for those healing from the weekend
Prayer requests for Penelope’s rapid recovery
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great work this morning by everybody getting after it on the beach.  Amazing scenery as always!!!!
– HUGE THANK YOU to Amanda and WPDE for having us!!!!  Very honored!!!!


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