Workout Date:





Bubbles, Stewy, Varsity, Flash, Lombardi, One call, Quarantine from Knoxville, Franklin and Jingles.

The Thang:

Very humid morning, but, it was good to see One Call right off the bat back in the game!

Didn’t expect him, so it was a nice surprise.

Started off with disclaimer and letting the PAX know that the work out was going to be a bag of “suck”.  A bag of “suck” that I myself did not want to go thru.

But, I was the substitute for my one footed brother Weed Eater.  All right, lets get started.


5 Burpies OYO

4 Burpies OYO

3 Burpies OYO

2 Burpies OYO

1 Burpie OYO

25 Temp Squats with thrust jump at end IC

Plank off with several stretches

Mosey to corner of track. PAX get in line for Indian Run.  One lap around track. Indian runner doing 5 merkins before getting in the front of the line. Indian run ends at next destination.

Next set of exercises: Running to four posts approximately 40 yards apart. First post drop and do 20 diamond merkins. Second post drop and do 20 regular merkins. Third post: drop and do 20 wide arm merkins. Fourth post 20 Carolina dry docks.  When finished jail break back to starting point. Hold plank until PAX arrive.  Mosey to corner of track again. Repeat another Indian run around track with 3 merkins before getting in the front of the line.  Indian run to picnic table destination. At picnic table.  Each PAX gets on top of their own picnic table with legs hanging off doing 4 exercises which consist of: 1)50 butterflies OYO 2)50 Heels to Heaven OYO 3)50 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO  4)50 LBC OYO. Finish off with holding 6inches off edge of table at ques demand when to relax and when to start again.  Recover. Mosey to bridge. Bear crawl half way. Lung over second half of the bridge. Hold plank for PAX.  Recover.  25 over head claps IC. 22 merkins OYO. Mosey to four corner  park.  One lap around. Four exercises consisting of 1)25 squats OYO 2) 25 prisoner squats OYO 3)25 jump squats OYO 4) 25 Lunges OYO.  Hold 6 inches and wait for PAX. Times up.  Run back to parking lot. Circle up for name o rama.  Prayer called out by bubbles.   Thank you for coming out.  Always a pleasure to be with you gentlemen and never a problem to cover for my brother. Yours truly the one and only Billboard.

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