We are not having a yard sale…

We are not having a yard sale…

Workout Date:





Valvano, Rousey, Geno, Headgear, Flash, Papa Smurf (TRIPLE RESPECT), Ralph Lauren (Shelby), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

60+; sleeveless shirts!

Saturdays at #Warthog…our original AO and a place with so many options.  Until it insanely rains all day the day before since the fields do not drain at all!!!  But there are plenty of other places to explore….

A pre-ruck miles and PT had been called for.  Rousey, Valvano, and YHC were HCs.  As Rousey and I raced down CF Blvd and then 501, and then 17, we finally came to a resting stop at a light next to each other on Farrow.  We glared at each other, heads were nodded, and when the light turned green…we GUNNED it, right up to 35mph (so as not to get any tickets on Farrow where the police like to wait).  It was neck and neck between the RAV4 and the Outback and we will call it a tie!

Pulled in and didn’t see any of our Brother’s cars – what happened to #SaltyGears??  Turns out the AOQ was yard-saling (sp?). WHAT?!?!  Billboard spent the morning going through antiques and chachka and other various odds and ends rather than face a beatdown??  I guess the M won that “discussion”.  Too bad today’s workout was a not a yard sale…maybe he would have shown?

Valvano soon followed and the 3 of us rucked around as YHC looked for good areas to move the planned beatdown too.  We got in 2.5 miles and 5 rounds of Robbie Miller on the playground in about an hour.  Some great fellowship was had, we again found Barton Ave, Rousey was lost but getting his knee lubricated, and it was getting warmer and nicer…finally!

Got back to the start and Geno came in….with the 2 SF’s that he has been hoarding for about a dang year!  Our 1st ever  SF gifted by Raider when we launched and then the red Warthog flag that was the first dabbling of making our own by Handy, Billboard, YHC, and (remember this guy) Hightower!  What a site to behold as Geno planted them on the field.  Then Headgear came in with Papa – who had gotten in a pre-beatdown 5K.  I think he said his time was 23:15 (and this becomes relevant later).  Headgear was carrying the #IronFlag that YHC has given to him yesterday at #BeachBells to sign since nobody had a sharpie.

Our Shelby Brother Ralph Lauren was in tow and looking sharp and fit as ever ready to rock!!!  He is a true #HIM and makes us all better when he visits and brings such a tremendous outlook and joyfulness wherever he posts!

As I was changing into workout attire from the ruck stuff, got a text from Weedeater who apparently spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express in LR – so I guess he figured he knew everything and wasn’t going to post.

Flash was surprisingly not in short shorts or a tank top despite the nice weather.  #Stud

Anyhow…we all fellowshipped awhile and then the 1 minute warning was given…followed by the start time and a disclaimer.

The parking lot was puddles and broken blacktop everywhere.  So I called for a mosey to the bridge for our COP, and 3 of us peeled off to get the flags and bring em with us!

At the bridge, we did:

SSH’s x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
At this point, some kids came over, or I thought they did.  Assumed they were there as part of 5K going on and wanted to check out the awesome dudes in F3 gear.  So I told them to join us and get their dads too!!  EH through any means necessary!
We did some TTT x 10 IC
Then 22 single count merkins #22Kills
The kids politely said thank you and ran off….to the playground…which is where they were heading when I apparently forced them to join us!!!  Oops – but hey, maybe they’ll tell their dads about F3!!!
Tempo Squats x 20 IC

At this point I planned to mosey to a very quiet street I had scoped out on the ruck, but when we crossed the bridge and the street, some rocking tunes were playing from the 5K area!!  So I decided to stay at Valor Park

We started on the southeast corner (HA…who knows)
We did 10 merkins, then sprinted (or moseyed if Geno) all the way to the far corner
Did 10 merkins, then sprinted (I told RL, Flash, and Headgear they had to) or moseyed back
10 merkins, sprint, 10 merkins, sprint/mosey, 10 merkins
Plank or pick up 6

10 Mtn Climbers (count right leg); Bear Crawl; 10 MC’s; Mosey Back; 10 MC’s; Bear Crawl; 10 MC’s; Mosey back; 10 MC’s
Plank or pick up 6

10 American Hammers (count right side); High Knees; 10 AH’s; Mosey Back; 10 AH’s; High Knees; 10 AH’s; Mosey back; 10 AH’s
Plank or pick up 6

10 Squats; Sprint; 10 Squats; Mosey Back; 10 Squats; Sprint; 10 Squats; Mosey back; 10 Squats
Plank or pick up 6

10 Diamond Merkins; Karaoke; 10 Diamond Merkins; Karaoke opposite way; 10 Diamond Merkins; Karaoke; 10 Diamond Merkins; Karaoke; 10 Diamond Merkins
Plank or pick up 6

At some point Rousey danced!
Valvano’s high knees were insane!!!

Mosey to Mt. Myrtle, grabbing the SF’s and planting them there

Suicides on the hill – which turned out to be a bit slippery.
There were 4 “lines”:
Halfway up the near side
The top
1/2way down the other side
All the way down the other side

Round 1: Suicides, turn around at each line and back to start, touch the ground; LBC’s on the 6
Round 2: Same; add 5 burpees at start each time; LBCs on 6 [so many complaints]
Round 3: At each line, but not start line, 10 Lunges – some uphill, some regular, some downhill, which became dangerous to that was modified to uphill reverse lunges; LBCs on 6
Round 4: At each line, but not start line, 10 Widearm Merkins – some uphill; some down; LBC’s on the 6

At this point, Headgear left for the 5K complaining about his legs being smoked.  He ran an excellent 23:16.  So close.  See note on Papa above

To the Playground – partner up
P1 would do 5 pullups while P2 planked in front of them and counted
Then switch

P1 would do 5 chinups while P2 planked in front of them and counted
Then switch

P1 would do 6 (3 each) side ranger style pullups while P2 planked in front of them and counted
Then switch

P1 would do 10 toe-ups while P2 planked in front of them and counted
Then switch

Now that we knew it all…rinse and repeat the whole thing!

We had some time for Mary – while little kids waited on us to get out of their playground!!! LOL

30 Flutters IC

Back to start!


Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer requests for Stewy and family
Prayer requests for Jill and family
Prayer requests for Valvano’s Brother
Prayer requests for marriages and families and children and parenting
Prayer requests unspoken
Praise reports for Lil Knob (Geno’s oldest 2.0 on completed his “Knob” year at The Citdadel!  He is a beast and ready to bring it this summer and destroy everyone, especially good ole dad!!!  Excited to see the growth of this young man as Geno is proud of him, as are we all!)

– I think I said it all above, but just a great morning of work, fellowship, mumblechatter and brotherhood!  Remember #F3MentalBattle!!  Reach out to missing PAX, keep watch over each other, stay locked in the shieldlocks!
– 5 of us had a great time at #Coffeeteria!

– Vitamin D versus Quaker in the final four QvQ Monday and #BombSquad.  Anyone see Boxcar’s backblast yet???
– Rousey reminded everyone of Catapult!
– Bling mini-light GORUCK next Saturday.  Be there if you are curious about what we do.





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