We circled the bases and Ran some foul poles!

We circled the bases and Ran some foul poles!

Workout Date:





Buffet, Bobsled

The Thang:

It was a cool 50 degrees this morning,  as I arrived at 450 to get the tires set up.  Unfortunately only two pax should up so I had to quickly modify and do something completely different!

ssh x25

TTT x20

arm circles x 15

Imperial walkers x25

22 merkins PTO

Mosey to the baseball fields where we circled the bases.

home 15 burpees lunge walk to 1st

1st was 25 jump squats toy soilder to 2nd .

2nd base 25 LBCs lunge walk to 3rd.

3rd was 25 merkins toysoilder home.

off to the outfield fence start at one foul pole, sprint half, jog, sprint the back half to other foul pole.  15 big boys, turn and go back with 25 sumo squats back at first pole.  back to the infeild to rinse and repeat.  We did 4 complete  circuits.

Lastly, I started us at the student center with 20 merkins ran to first corner of the church with 20 wide arm merkins run to the next corner with 20 diamond merkins run to the next corner to end with 15 burpees!

no major announcements Christmas party,  and toy drive coming soon!



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