Weasel on the Block…

Weasel on the Block…

Workout Date:





Castaway, Brown Bag (Respect), Tiny Dancer

The Thang:


74* and 95% Humidity-  Did not feel terribly bad this morning!

I arrived at the village 15 mins early to set up for what was going to be my last stand this week.  I had planned on utilizing the field, but there was a sign that said field closed so out of respect for the school i modified and moved it to the backside of the parking lot.  Which just so happens to be right next to the coupon pile! Perfect.  About 10 Mins til i moved my truck over to keep the gate open for potential pax arrival and castaway was pulling up at the same time.  Soon after our Respectable Brown Bag pulls in.  We are all circled up with 1 minute to go and i begin giving my disclaimer for the day.  As we just get ready to start our first exercise, Tiny Dancer comes in hot to join us.



Line up for Dynamics:

High Knees 25yds, Butt Kicks Back

Lunge w/ Twist 25yds, Toy Soldier Back

Karaoke 25yds, Karaoke Back

After about  a 10 min warmup i get the PAX and mosey over to the coupon pile and explain whats going down for the day.   All About the Benjamin’s followed by a Suicide with Coupon.  I marked the 4 cones approx 20 paces from start and in between, Here we Go…

ROUND 1-  25 OHP, 25 CURLS for the GURLS, 25 Tri Extensions, 25 Rows

Mosey with Coupon through Course

ROUND 2- 10 Sec Slow Count Negatives w/ Coupon X 10

Mosey with Coupon through Course

ROUND 3- 25 Kettle Bell Swings, 25 Goblin Squats, 25 OHP, 25 Block Merkins

Mosey with Coupon through Course

*After Round 3 we took a nice “Cool Down” Lap around the parking lot to get everyone’s heart rate settled.

ROUND 4- 25 Louganis’ (These were a Wrecker), 25 Flutter Kicks holding Coupon, 25 Heels to Heaven Holding Coupon, 25 Pull Overs (basically keep your arms straight over your head and bring coupon to in front of your chest and back behind your head while on your Six)

Mosey with Coupon through Course

ROUND 5- 50 LBC’s w/ Coupon, 50 Homer-Marge w/ Coupon

Mosey with Coupon through Course


5 Rounds, 500 REPS, 5 Suicides with Coupon!!  Nough Said…

After we completed our final round we put the coupons back on the pile and mosey back over to start with only about 3 mins left for some Mary…. PAX CHOICE!

Castaway- LBC’s x 15 IC

Tiny Dancer- Tempo Merkins x 11 IC

Brown Bag- Freddie Mercury’s x 10 IC


Awesome work by the PAX, I am stoked everyone put out and finished strong.  It Was an Honor to Lead.  I am truly feeling it while im sitting here writing this.  All i can say is that remember that its you vs you.  Keep going strong and griding it out, maybe one day we’ll all catch up to Hamburglar’s Mustache.

Announcements- FREED TO BLEED OCT 30th, AOQ Challenge is still going strong!, DISCONNECTS’s send off party AUG 28th at TIDAL CREEK BREWHOUSE 1800!!!

Prayer Requests- Continuing to pray for Rubber’s dad, the 6 yo Girl just diagnosed with leukemia and the family of the HCPD officer who passed away yesterday due to complications from Corona.

Brown Bag prayed us out.


Til Next Time Brothers….

Weasel Out.

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