Weathermen have it MADE!!

Weathermen have it MADE!!

Workout Date:





Franklin,Flash,Bubbles,Geno,Chewy,Varsity,Corkscrew (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang

YHC awoke to the sound of no raindrops, Thunder, or Lightning as predicted by all the” Weather Guys” along the Grandstrand. I mean these guys tell us on Monday the storms would come in HEAVY and stay all week through the weekend! As a person who depends on tourist to help pay the bills, I hate hearing that. Still the guys stuck to their guns and said it was coming in HEAVY on Tuesday, then Wednesday. No sir, actually I checked my weather app last night and was undecided if all Pax should just help me build an Ark for my Q as it said 75% chance of heavy storms at 5 am. NO NO NO, little rain has hit us this week and this morning was no different. WHAT a job these guys have, be wrong 90% of the time and get on TV daily! Anyway, I arrived to a muggy AO at around 515 and no Pax to be seen. Must have listened to the Weatherguy. Oh wait, 525 comes and cars roll in to the count of 7 total Pax taking their chance on clear skies!

1 min warning and disclaimer given


SSH x 25IC

Windmill x 25IC

TTT x 25IC


RevAC x 25IC

CPickers x 25IC

OHead Claps x 25IC

MTN Climbers x25IC

Mosey to the Bridge

Bearcrawl to center, Lunge down

Mosey to the Parking deck

The other Thang


5 Burpees

10Overhead claps holding Al Gores

15 Merkins (Good Form)

20 Big Boy Sit ups

25 Squats (Good Form)

Plank on 6

Run to next level

Level 2 Rinse and repeat

Level 3 Rinse and repeat

Back to level 2 Rinse and repeat

Level one Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to Bridge

Reverse lunge to center, Crawl bear back down

Mosey to tables

Flutters X25 IC

Freddie Merc x25 IC

LBC x25 IC

Hold 6 inches for 1 min

Mosey to lot and circle back up

Stretching, Plankwork and finish teaching Bubbles Yoga poses.#noflexability

Time called and Count o Rama, Name o Rama Announcements, Prayer request, Pray and head home


I thank the lord daily that we get to enjoy our freedom and pray for the safety of our Troops as well as our families and friends. I enjoy leading this wonderful group and Thank you guys for showing up and helping me get BETTER!

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