Weights getting moved….

Weights getting moved….

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Penelope, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

A much warmer 37 today

Thursday night – load 13 KB’s; plan Q as Wolverine messaged he would likely be out due to M’s schedule.
Ask Weedeater if he is going.  Basically commits and I ask him to bring cinderblocks.  Excellent. Until 0422 when he texts to say he won’t make it.  I asked him to at least drop off blocks.  No dice.  O well.

Chatter, music, stretch a bit, Hamburglar FINALLY found the other parking deck and joined us!!!

Swings on the bells.  Start lighter to warm up, get heavier, 1 arm or 2.  8-10 reps per bell.  Hit at least 6 bells

Deadlift the 70, both 80’s together, and the 100.  Farmers Walk the 60 to curb and back (probably 40 yards each way)
Everybody do each one

Heavy Goblet Squat (6-8 reps) of your choice of weight into a superset basically of OH hold lunges with lighter weight 5 each leg
2 rounds

Shoulder presses – handle down for the lighter weights, regular for heavier weights
4 rounds – 10 reps on lighter, 8 or 6 on heavier – do what you can

Snatches.  Light to Heavy – whatever your heavy is.  70 or 80 was the heavy.  4-5 rounds depending on where you started

70, 2 80’s, 100.  Get on your back.  Bench.  20 with the 70, 15 with the 80’s and 10 with the 100.  Do each weight – FULL ROM – 60 total reps, not much rest

While weights are everywhere, Wolverine’s classic bear crawl around and do an uneven merkin on each bell!

Line weights back up nice – ARMS
Each weight, bis and tris.  PAX choice on what you do where –
Tris – kickbacks, 1 arm and 2 arm OH extensions, skull crushers, diamond merkins
Bis – concentration, standard, out, in, hammer, 2 arm, negatives
To finish – partner up – 80 and 30 each
P1 – skull crush 80 til failure – P2 immediately grab and swap in 30 for another round of superset failure
Switch partners

4 PAX then came together for COT and BOM and YHC prayed us out and lifted up the unspoken prayer requests, travel for PAX, holiday season!

– Christmas Party – Saturday December 15, 2018 – 7PM – Sign up here: http://f3grandstrand.myrtlebeacheventmaps.com/regionnews/2018-christmas-party/

– Huge UGLY SWEATER Christmas Convergence on December 22 at 0700 at #BombSquad!!  DO NOT MISS!!


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