Welcome back, Scout!

Welcome back, Scout!

Workout Date:





Kitten, Cheetah (2.0), and Scout (Kotter)

The Thang:

It was a cool, but not cold, morning when Cheetah, Scout, and I walked into the parking lot at the PitStop. Since it was already 7:29 when we rolled in, I went on and gave the 1-minute warning. As there were no other PAX, I gave the disclaimer at 7:30 and we began.


20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

20 windmills ic

20 iw ic

15 arm circles ic (forward and reverse)

22 merkins oyo

1 lap around the parking lot

I had planned a daylight savings time-themed workout for the previous week, but since no one showed, I saved it for this week. Together, we did a Dora-style workout spelling out DST and CLOCKS. 1 partner ran a lap around the parking lot while the other did the exercise.

100 dips

200 squats

100 Turkish get-ups

100 curls with bricks

150 lbcs

200 ohp with bricks

200 calf raises

100 Kitten’s choice (American hammers)

100 ssh

At 8:15 time was called.

It was good to have Scout at the workout after a long time away from F3. Since moving out of the shelter, he has secured ling-term housing. Way to go! The encouragement of F3 has been a huge help. Please come out to the PitStop and offer encouragement to Scout and others.

After praying it out, we took Scout back to his new apartment!



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