Well Fertilized

Well Fertilized

Workout Date:



Kiwi (respect)


Mr. Crabs, Sprinkles, The Single Barrel, Skimmer (Respect), Candy Cane, Killington, Buffet, Hojo, Bikini Wax, Hedgehog, First Base, O’Douls (AOQ)

The Thang:

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 65, beautiful, and dry (except for grass 🙂

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Warm up

Harry Rockettes – 15

TTT – 15

Windmill – 10

Tempo Squats – 15

Imperial Walkers – 15 the mumble chatter – begins with the (w) old man has no rhythm – with much laughter and I definitely can’t seem to get a good cadence on IWs.

LBAC – F/W – 15

Overhead Claps – 15

SSH – 20

Warmed up lets get started

Indian Run around the AO to the Coupon Pile then moved to beautiful well fertilized field (did not know this until after I had set up for today’s festivities.)  Like Hojo said – If what I have put in my body so far hasn’t killed me it is doubtful that a little fertilizer is going to do much harm – couldn’t agree more.

One of my original Qs way back when at Catapult was a four corner beat down which I thought worked well with many PAX of different fitness levels – we left no man behind (not even this old Q) but we also didn’t hold back the rabbits like Candy Cane and Buffet to move out and work hard.

Four Corners – All Four Corners had various exercises which were done in a 20,15, 10, 5 order meaning first round was 20, Second 15 in number and so forth.

Corner one with Coupons

Curls, Overhead Presses, Tri-Extensions.

Mosey – between 1-2

Corner Two

Squats, Bobby Hurleys, Merkins

Toy Soldier between 2-3

Corner Three

BBSUs / double LBC

2 Count Flutters

Hello Dollies

Backwards Mosey 3-4

Corner Four

Carolina Dry Docks


Bear Crawl 4-1

Rinse and Repeat – 20-15-10-5

Great work by all and proud of all for picking up YHC and newer PAXs.  Finished together and returned coupons.

Mary IC – PAX choice on numbers

Buffet – Box Cutters

Candy Cane – slow flutters (what the H are these called?)

Skimmer – Freddy Mercurys

First Base – Heels to the Heavens – BETS

Count – O – Rama

Name – O – Rama


Announcements – Cycle for 374 “Bike For Hancher” – April 17

International Drive 10K/5K

Village move to Doug Shaw – April 20 Catapult Closed all come to Doug Shaw

GrowRuck 22 April 30 – May 2 (Still need Volunteers)

Freed To Bleed – Blood Drive May 12th

YHC – prayed us out


Super proud of Catapult regulars for stepping up and drawing in FNGs who are now regulars. Just finished Freed to Lead (passed on to Skimmer) and in the book they talk about how men are drawn in and held captive by the challenge of F3 not by ease. Catapult has been a great AO that allows #HIM to recover from injury and build up to stay or move on to the AO that best fits their style or workout type.  I believe it is accommodating to all but also offers the rabbits opportunities to continue to excel.  During the workout a PAX (not to be named) mumbled I can’t even keep up with the old man – I told him this too shall pass – just keep showing up in the gloom.



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