We’re Getting the Band Back Together

We’re Getting the Band Back Together

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The Thang:

With many Kotters back at Catapult it felt like summer 2021. A simpler, carefree time. It was legit warm this morning, about 65 and a little foggy.

At a recent post to The Plank, I was the FSG (Fat, Slow Guy). I’m not accustomed to that so for my Q I wanted to rampl up the cardio while honoring my commitment to blocks. We performed a long circuit in 4 parts. During a 0.3 mile lap, there were 4 stations: 1) blocks 2) bear crawls 3) misc 4) bleachers

Blocks: 1) 20 curl and press. As often is the case, there was bitching before a realization the rep count was not unreasonable. 2) 20 decline merkin 3) 10 blockees 4) 30 1-arm rows

Bear Crawl: a 25 yard bear crawl

Misc: 1) Lunge walk 2) High Knees 3) butt kickers 4) Toy Soldier, all 30 yards

Bleachers: 1) 20 dips 2) 20 step ups 3) incline merkins 4) split squats

Back to the blocks where we used the blocks to anchor feet, doing BBSU with a 4-count punch at the top. Pax helped with the cadence, around the horn for 20 reps

I’ve been enjoying the relay sprints and we had even numbers, so we lined up in 2 groups for sprints where each guy ran 3x. Losing group had to return the blocks. In a show of solidarity, some of the winning group returned their own blocks.

Then some quick core: flutters, LBC. Killington had a 8/10 fart. Good reverb, solid decibels. Deduction for moisture.

Announcements, prayers. Welcome back to a second beatdown to newcomer Roughrider (the CFL team, not the gas station condom).