We’re going to (earn) the Pumpkin Patch, and it glows in the dark!

We’re going to (earn) the Pumpkin Patch, and it glows in the dark!

Workout Date:



OneCall, but not really cause it was GORUCK's idea


Kiwi (RESPECT), Valvano, Headgear, Bling, Turn and Cough, Rousey, SoftShell, Disconnected, Lombardi, Hoser, Flop, Meatball/50-50, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

COOL!!!!  Mid-60’s

Last week we decided to just get in ruck miles (no PT) for the next 2 #WaveRuckers since we have the mini marathon coming up on the 20th.  THEN…the GORUCK #RuckClubCallout came out, and it was a cool one, and kinda easy (only 2 miles required), so we thought we could do it with families and such.  Well, everyone’s weekends are swamped, so we just figured we’d incorporate here!  Texts and other forms of EH’ing were sent to EVERYONE, and particularly to certain #Kotters (3 of who showed up)!  We were 13 strong for this Callout and everyone got to earn our Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Patch!!

1 minute warning and Disclaimer
No COP – we are rucking

Here is what GORUCK put out…I tell our THANG afterwards:


With October and Halloween just around the corner, we are excited to bring you this new challenge! Maybe the only thing more Halloween than Trick or Treating and matching costumes is the jack-o’-lantern. That’s where you guys come in, this month grab all your ghouls and goblins to hit the road for a 2 mile (total) ruck to your local pumpkin patch.  Every person should leave the pumpkin patch with their own pumpkin. No size requirements per pumpkin but the bigger the pumpkin the cooler [we are the COOLEST] the club. Bonus points if you throw on your costumes [we were all dressed as smelly sweating ruckers] while rucking.

We designed this one to be short so that you could bring the little ones and encourage the whole family to ruck together. If you want to challenge yourself more go longer and make it heavy. Have fun with this one. As always, cool points for creativity and we want to see some club themed carving parties after all of this. Beers at the finish line. [Well, not much of this happened OTHER than the FUN!!!!!!]   Pro tip: if you don’t have a pumpkin patch nearby, look for schools or churches selling pumpkins, grocery stores, or hide some pumpkins along your route to pick up.

  • 2 mile minimum
  • 4 participants per attempt
  • Everyone finishes with their own pumpkin

So that was it.  Here is what we did.
Ruck to Wal-mart – 2.1 miles
Thanks to Kiwi for confirming they were open 24 hours and had pumpkins for sale ($3.28 each)
As a social experiment, prior to getting to Wal-Mart, Meatball and YHC rucked all around and basically back to complete a full circle at the round-a-bout.  We were curious if everyone would follow.  They all did.  We should have kept going to see how long it took for someone (who would obviously have been Bling) complained, but the 1 lap was funny enough that everyone did it and just followed the leader.  GORUCK events have taught us well.
Outside Wal-mart – grab a pumpkin.  Go in, see the employees wondering what in the world was going on.  Pay for pumpkins.  Ruck out, carrying pumpkins.  FUN!  Some PAX missed the memo of we will be buying pumpkins, bring a few bucks.  So others covered the cost.  Brotherhood!

We rucked out and to get in some more miles we turned right to go to 17.  There was a decent amount of traffic, so rather than cross and deal with that, I circled the PAX up and we did 10 Pumpkin curls IC, 10 OH Pumpkin Presses IC, and 10 Tricep extensions IC.  This was at the corner of Farrow and 17.  O yeah, cars were wondering what was up!!!  And I am sure Penelope was sitting on his work computer creeping/spying on us through the city’s cameras like he normally does!  Send us some screenshots!

We then began our ruck back.  Meatball called out a OH Pumpkin carry to cross the street.  Everyone complied of course, since we are trained to listen to the cadre!

All the way back to the starting point (about 4.4 miles), where we did another round of the pumpkin exercises, and added in 10 Pumpkin Goblet Squats OYO.

Time.  Pictures (with tons of issues).  Only Lombardi takes perfect pictures every time!

Count-O-Rama – 13!!!  3 Kotters!
Prayer request – Kiwi – son/family
Prayer request – per Lombardi – Judy’s healing, family, comfort
Prayer requests upspoken

– This was a blast!  The pumpkins definitely got annoying after a bit since there was no good way to hold em.  Just had to keep switching arms.
– Kiwi rolling strong with his love for rucking getting ready for the Mini!
– Valvano is still very tall and poor Headgear tries to catch him.  Like Spike and Chester
– Bling – nice job with the music today.  The Halloweed themed playlist was great.  I mean, assuming you just forgot to bring it?
– Turn and Cough – seriously the point of the whole #ShieldLockChallenge – out for quite some time, back as a kotter and now all in sharing and caring with us!!  Love it!!
– Rousey – I have no idea what he does with his rucks other than bomb training or dog sniffing tests.  Has done 1 Light GR event, and has sent his ruck to SCARS 2x!!!  WTHeck!!!
– SoftShell finally back with us after a brutal summer of work!!!  Great having him and it appears as if he may be down for the 50 miler in JAX!
– Disconnected continuing to post at WR and push himself on his journey to the US Air Force!!  White shin high socks and all!!
– Lombardi – must have done 1000 curls.  Every time I saw him walking he was curling that pumpkin.  Bet he went home and showed the M the way to the beach!
– Hoser had to carry TWO, yes 2!, pumpkins!  #Beast
– Flop – the speed demon of rucking and the bearer of all good Gatorade protein bars!
– Meatball/50-50 – finally got to join us all for a ruck!  One is the loneliest number, but that’s usually how he has to ruck.  So great having him out!


  • #ShieldLockChallenge last week – get those points in!
  • Ruck or Run the mini-marathon in MB!!!  Sunday, October 20
  • CCU Football per Bling and Geno – Saturday November 30.  FREE tix!  Cookout, tailgate, etc.  M and 2.0 friendly!
  • 5th Annual Christmas party – December 14. Mark date now!


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