Wet and Wild 7/12/18

Wet and Wild 7/12/18

Workout Date:





Bob the Builder, Punch List, Goldberg, Hoedown, Grass Patch, Tag Team, Stuffed Crust, Big Wheels, High Cotton, Super Dave, Blue Grass, Shelby, Etch-a-Sketch, Runoff, Dooley, Peach, Whittle

The Thang:

I pulled in to an already crowded lot. The mumble chatter and HC on Twitter was low, so I was a bit surprised, but very happy to see the numbers. The circle was huge, and I did not know how many were there yet. A couple of them came in stealthy with lights out. I had issued the challenge of 20 PAX and the “SWIM” was optional.

We circled up and I gave the disclaimer. I had several PAX trying to find out about the workout yesterday, a little prying, a little begging, even asked my M if she knew! It was all in my head, so we started the madness!

SSH, imperial walkers, arm circles forward/reverse in cadence rapidly increasing as we went had me a little winded.

Make 2 columns and head out in an Indian run mosey to the real work. We left the SF and made it to an area by the rec field where the COUPONS were waiting. They had replaced the lights several years ago, so the old poles were cut up, and some were nicely done about 3-4 feet long, thick, heavy, and brutal! We lined in in 4 rows and I got the count at 18!!! The main pain thang was a set of 11’s. 1 log flip with 100 yard mosey and 10 burpees. Run the whole cycle and it was huffing, puffing, grunting, sweating, work ( is this family friendly?)

We finished. Slaps on the back. Much encouragement given. Lots of the good stuff F3 is all about as we shared a common bond over a bit of pain.


The mumblechatter seemed to indicate they thought we had won the battle and had finished. Oh no no. A mosey- and an easy one at that foregoing the Indian run, over to the old shed and the wet dreams began. 2 rows of PAX on their six doing flutter kicks in cadence as I liberally applied the conveniently located water hose! I called cadence for a set of 10 and we switched out. Each PAX took a break to squirt us all, then join back in. The mumble chatter turned to mumble shouting- the water was surprisingly cool and refreshing! First chatter was how many sets till we switch exercises? I kept calling cadence for each new PAX and started flipping our flutter kicks, box cutters, Freddie Mercurys. I then flipped us to plank- got to wet the rear as well! High plank, Floyd maywetahers, shoulder taps. Then time to face the music- I like it that each PAX had a notion of how they applied their share of water differently like we were somehow wetter than we were before we were wet!!! SSH facing the cannon, TTT, more SSH, windmills, more SSH, a PAX near the end finally figured I was to blame for all of this, so I took a steady shower for the whole cadence count of a set of 10. In mid cadence, I started with I-STILL-HAVE-EXERCISES-TO-GIVE-YOU and the realization I was still the Q set in and it ended. Of course, the last man stepped up and got to finish soaking anything dry while we did a marvelous set of MONKEY HUMPERS. That poor monkey trying to follow primal primate passion squirted with a cold hose in mid-hump—–TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!

I said mosey back to the logs, and half the PAX took off to some mystical “LODGE”? They had ideations of liquid refreshment, velvet jackets, and Cuban stogies I guess, but I yelled LOGS! I then realized they had heard me correctly and the cold water monkey humping PAX were thinking LOGS, but a different kind of LOG!!!

We made it back to the wooden logs, planked in our groups, and started a roll off. Everyone plank, PAX 1 rolls the log about 20 yards and back. Next man up and so on until we had finished 2 evolutions. Rerack the logs at the coupon station, and it was a sprint, mosey, shuffle, stagger back to the SF.

We arrived back and did the name-o-rama, announcements, and prayer requests. I had a solid drip ring outlined where we stood, all a tribute to the work (and water) each man put in.

I prayed us out and we left to be #HIM!

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