What are we doing here?!?

What are we doing here?!?

Workout Date:





Fergie (Warthog AOQ), Silver Bullet (What are we doing Q), Candycane (Plank AOQ) Pikachu (Co-3Rd F Q)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank- Run Day

Conditions: Perfect for running

So I’ve started to run a little more and the more I run the more I get I hired. Ugh. But with the challenge it has pushed me out of my typical workout days to other AO’s to workout. Which is one of the reasons to get in on the challenge. There are a lot of great AO’s everyone needs to see. This is the plank but only because the running starts from here. I wanted to replicate the run last week and hood a better pace for longer and not have to stop. I show up and Fergie and Silver bullet are in the track. Candycane is running on the track, like seriously he is sprinting a 5K. Like the roadrunner dashing away from the coyote. Ridiculous is what it is. To be young.

One minute warning.


Told Pax we would do the same run as last week. We all started up 33rd towards Kings Highway to make our way to the old pavilion. Everyone was holding a solid 9:45 pace. We cut short the original cause some knees were starting to hurt so we cut up Joe White and back to the AO. Everyone still holding a strong pace. At least in my mind it is. Me and Candycane we’re leading the charge and he looked back to pick up the six. At this point we had one mile left so I kicked it in high gear and finished with a solid last mile. Everyone did great and we got in just over 4 miles. 



Names go sideways here. I start the video and to my fault I didn’t announce we were doing name-o-rama and Silver Bullet was a deer in the headlights who just saw a ghost. He looks at me and says “What are we doing here”. We all had a great laugh at that one. Best moment of the day and made it all worth it.

Announcements: Halloween Convergence Oct 29. Be there! Bring a friend and dress up like besties!

Prayers unspoken