What did you call those things Rousey???

What did you call those things Rousey???

Workout Date:





Rousey, Billboard, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

57.  Nice.

Yesterday, Rousey was a HC.  He showed.  Billboard was a HC.  He showed.  Weedeater was a HC.  He, wait for it, didn’t show.  Penelope was a CC (a new term for what his level of commitment was that you can ask him about – apparently equated to a no show).  Wolverine is usually quiet but usually shows…until a 4:06 am message that he was up all night with a sick kid so was out – prayers Brother.  And that meant by default I would take the Q.

Lots of weight.  Great tunes.  Awesome dudes.  I asked what they wanted today.  Billboard wanted back and biceps.  So it would be.

Warmup – swinging the 20’s to the 60, 10 reps each bell
Into The THANG
– 20’s and 30’s – bent over flies…really contract your back – 10 reps // Every other weight there all the way up to 100 – 1 arm row it – 10 reps each arm
– 60, 70, 80’s, 100 – 2 arm row each – 10 reps
– 40 and 50 – good mornings – 10 reps  // 60 and 70 – straight leg deadlifts – 10 reps // 80’s – deadlift both together // 100 – deadlift

Moving up the back to the neck/shoulders/traps
Lateral raise light weight(s)
Static hold light weights out at side
1 arms shrugs, into 2 arm shrugs when heavier up to the 100 – every bell

Break – Core work
20 x 2 count American Hammers with a bell
Side plank – each side
Rinse and repeat but add oblique crunches into the side plank x 10 each side

Curl everything
Concentration; out; in; regular; hammer; 2 arm; negatives
SMOKE the arms
When you get on the heavier weights, do the set to failure and then run to the light weights and crank out 8-10 fast, good form reps to really get the blood in the bis.
As for the title – Rousey had some curl exercise that I think he called something unfit to publish here by name, but we basically wall sat LOW and curled the 20’s with elbows jammed into thighs to finish things off

Finish up with the Core work again
30 x 2 count American Hammers with a bell
Oblique crunches into the side plank x 15 each side


Count-O-Rama – 3 swole dudes
Prayer requests for Wolverine’s kid and our country and leadership
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great time today!!!
– One thing we talked about was rest, and how important it was to our bodies, especially as we get older.  There was some good chatter about it and thoughts – One of which was you can rest by doing something different!  One of the many great things about F3 is how the rotating Q’s usually work different body parts.  But if you need a bootcamp break, there’s KB’s, rucking, run groups, and cycling.  So something to break up the rotation.  Plenty of options for everybody!!!

– TOMORROW – YHC has the #Warthog Q with Veterans Day Q planned!  Come on out!
– Thursday – at #Warthog – WPDE coming to film us for Good Morning Carolinas.  From 0500-0700.  Be there when/if you can!  Normal bootcamp from 0530-0615 and then whatever extra is needed for the show.




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