What if we brought the bells to the Village?

What if we brought the bells to the Village?

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger (EH machine), Skidmark (BS AOQ), Boxcar (AOQ), Beefsteak (Iron Pax top 10), Penelope (Commz Q), High Interest (Weasel Shaker) and Primanti (FNG)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 70s. Humidity was thick like it was in the summer time, but its fall… right?!?!

Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: 1 30 lb., 1 40 lb., 1 50 lb., 1 80 lb.; 60 lb. Sandbag; and 30 lb. ruck compliments of High Interest.

After a few months of follow up by the #Village (VL) AOQ, YHC/QIC put himself on the October Q sheet. Usually YHC posts at #Catapult on Tuesdays and has a rest day on Thursday (this old guy needs his rest aka #smartsack) and that leaves only Fridays to possibly Q at VL. Only problem is that Fridays are weight lifting days at #BeachBells (BB)!! So, why not bring a little of BB love to VL? And as luck would have it, YHC was able to get a partial load of bells from the OneCall KB warehouse (and snuck out a sandbag too).  A total of 8 #HIM showed up and QIC delivered the following:

One minute warning, welcome to F3, disclaimer, welcome our FNG and we got to work…

Warm Up: 15 – 20 reps. IC of SSH, TTT, IW and LBAC F&B.

SEGMENT 1: Modified “Bear With Me”. YHC stole this “ruck base” WOD from Ruck.Beer (a wealth of information re: all things rucking) and modified it to be done w/o a ruck, w/ the KBs and some other #coupons (i.e. sandbag and large cinderblock). Pax broke up into 3 groups. Group 1 was the “timer”. Once they were done, groups shifted up.

  1. Group 1: Bearcrawls 10 yards and does an exercise prescribed by QIC.
  2. Group 2: KB work prescribed by QIC w/ Pax choice of weight.
  3. Group 3: Carries Pax choice of #coupon 80 lb./FC, Sandbag, or large cinderblock overhead.

5 rounds. G1 exercises per round were: R1 20 Merkins, R2 20 Squats, R3 20 4-ct. FK, R4 20 4-ct. Mountain Climbers and lastly R5 5 Burpees. G2 KB work per round were: R1 traditional swing, R2 – 4 snatch or clean/press (S or C/P), and lastly R5 Pax choice.

SEGMENT 2: Strict form – partner assist Big Boy Sit Ups. We don’t do enough of these or do them half arse (YHC guilty). 25 reps. per Pax.

SEGMENT 3: KB Manmakers – Compound Movement. YHC demonstrated a 3-2-1 Manmaker: 3 Merkins, 2 Rows and 1 S or C/P. Due to the shortage of KBs, QIC had Pax do a staggered Merkin instead of Abyss so we could spread the bells out. So, 8 stations 2 rounds each of:

  1. 1 rep. MM w/ 30 lb. KB.
  2. 1 rep. MM w/ 40 lb. KB.
  3. 1 rep. MM w/ 50 lb. KB.
  4. AMRAP Swing, shrug, or Deadlift 80 lb. KB.
  5. AMRAP Thruster w/ Sandbag.
  6. AMRAP OH Press w/ Cinderblock.
  7. AMRAP Pax choice of core exercise.
  8. AMRAP choice of core exercise.

SEGMENT 4: With just a few minutes left, QIC had Pax pair up, pick a bell and Pax 1 one did 30 KB swings w/ Pax 2 doing AMRAP core exercise of their choice; swap out; 1 round. All were drenched and appeared smoked at this point.


Count-O-Rama 8
Praise report/Prayer requests: Unspoken.
Named our FNG: Primanti; he is from Pennsylvania, so a Primanti Brother’s sandwich (out of PA) is reportedly the best sandwich in the world (says Boxcar and Beefsteak both hailing from PA)…ok…Primanti it is!
BOM by Beefsteak.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Plenty of 1st F, 2nd F (ex. family night Coastal Carolina football game on 11/30) and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region. #Shieldlock is wrapping up. New AOs such as #ElevationMonday have launched. Get plugged in, Q, then Q at another AO for experience…you get what you put into it!

NMMS: Strong work this morning…YHC hopes you enjoyed the bells and ruck based WOD! KB are now used across the board (ex. CrossFit, martial arts, weight lifting, triathlons, running, etc.) as tools to build/maintain functional strength; consider posting at BBs every now and then to enhance your fitness level!

NMMS2: Brief flyby by the Hulkamaniacs; good luck on your MB mini!!  Beefsteak and Skidmark both wore the 30 lb. ruck at times that noticeably increased the #suckfactor of the bearcrawls; strong work by TR and our new Pax Primanti on the bells; Boxcar now has second thoughts about bringing me back, but did everything asked grinding out every rep.; glad to see High Interest…looking streamlined for his MB mini.; and me (temperamental right knee) and Penelope (steadily recovering from hip surgery) we’re getting it done too!



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