What It Takes

What It Takes

Workout Date:



Quaker (YHC)


Hamburglar, Sunshine, Sade’, Poe, Skid Kong, El Red Cardo, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania Sunday

Conditions: 46, damp, perfect training weather

Saturday afternoons/evenings are always exciting because that is when the chatter begins about tomorrow’s Hulkamania Sunday Run Day. During the day on Saturdays, all the Hulkamaniacs begin thinking about Sunday.

If they are anything like YHC, they have inner voices that question whether Sunday will be a rest day or not. Whether they will HC or ‘just play it by ear’. Still others begin their mental preparation by checking the weather & the temperature.

As the pressure builds throughout the day, the call to accelerate inevitably goes out (a bit tentatively) and usually as a question, “Anybody running tomorrow?” or “Does anybody want to train for the P200 on Sunday?”

What’s funny about these initial texts is that there seems to be an implied HC by the writer, however, past experience dictates that this is nothing more than a ‘feeler text’ to evaluate interest. Apparently its not a Hard Commit (HC) until its in writing!!

The next thing that typically happens is dead air as everyone continues to mentally evaluate their level of commitment. Then the true HCs start rolling in with a healthy dose of accountability to “nudge” anyone who was sitting on the fence.

When its all said and done we usually have 4-8 runners, a start location, a start time, and a tentative distance.

So that’s a synopsis of the lead up to our Sunday Runs, now for what happened today.

YHC arrived at the Hulk to a full lot. Sunshine & Sade’ were talking about stretching, while Poe & Skid Kong enjoyed an extra minute of warmth before stepping out into the cool, damp Gloom. Shortly after YHC pulled up, Hamburglar came rolling in followed shortly thereafter by ERC.

Even with the threat of rain everyone who HC’d was promptly at the Hulk. As we congregated in the lot & said our hellos the final minute passed . . . then we were off.


We ran down Frontage Rd B2 then on to Col. Bob Bell run path . . . Out to the beach with a few additional twists & turns . . . then turned and headed back to the beginning. We all started off with a vigorous pace and maintained it throughout. As we neared the Hulk once more our pace increased down the bridge, then we sprinted the last 100 yards.

6 out of 7 PAX circled up for the Announcements & the COP . . . ERC continued off into the Gloom for some additional miles.

Announcements: March 2nd – Freed to Bleed; BIG Monday tomorrow at BombSquad – Brown Bag on Q; One Call on Q for Elevation Monday; Hamburglar on Q at the Oyster; YHC on Q at the Catapult on Tuesday. Keep training for P200 & GrowRuck; Iron PAX Reboot – (February Challenge – 20 in 28); Shieldlock is always present

Prayers – Sade’ led us in prayer.

Moleskin: “What it Takes” to get better is not an individual effort. Its about accountability, supporting the man next to you, & pushing each other to newer heights. Enjoy the Superbowl tonight and give a Kotter a call. P.S. keep on EHing!!




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