What? No way it’s time again….

What? No way it’s time again….

Workout Date:





Stewie, Franklin, Turn & Cough, Valvano, Bling, Lombardi, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

61 and WET, but the rain did hold off, while the temperature dropped 10 degrees

I awoke at 3am to pouring rain, and a dang cough that wouldn’t let up, so it was time to get outta bed.  Only 1.5 hours early.  Ugh. But, a good time to read the Bible for a while.  Had an espresso (or 2), checked the temps, read away.  And when the time came, got ready and went to pick up Bling #CarPoolBuddies

We got to the AO at 5:20.  DEAD.  Not a car anywhere.  No FiA, no dog walkers, no PAX.  Eerie.  Same til 5:26.  We were a bit worried!  Then they came rolling in and by the time the 1 minute warning was given, there are 7 total men.  Several of our regulars have pulled hammies, or are sick, or have the stomach flu so YHC wasn’t expecting them.  Weedeater tho.  He HC’d.  No show.  Kinda like yesterday too.  Hmmm.  Geno wasn’t there.  Not sure, but I think at this point, we are more surprised when he is there.  Anyhow, you were both missed; but this one was probably too hard for ya.


We took a little mosey to the covered picnic tables in case the sky opened up on us

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
Tempo Squat x 20 IC
Merkins x 22 IC (single count) #22Kills
LBAC Fwd x 15 IC
LBAC Bkwd x 15 IC
CDD x 15 IC

Instructions given: Complete each round as fast as possible inside of 30 seconds.  If you complete a round in 20 seconds, you have 10 seconds rest before proceeding to the next round.  If you take all 30 seconds, you ain’t getting much rest.  Etc.  There will be 15 Rounds

Exercise set #1
Complete 5 Burpees
On several occasions, it seemed as if the PAX were shocked at how quickly the 30 seconds passed, hollaring, what??  No way…

10 count

Exercise set #2
5 Hand Release Merkins
5 LBC’s
5 Air Squats

Rest here was 25 sideways full ROM step ups with right leg, then left, then 25 full ROM calf raises each leg on bench
Use this time to regain breath and smoke your legs

Exercise set #3
2 Burpees
2 Turkish Get ups – 1 with each arm/side

10 count

Exercise set #4
5 Diamond Merkins
5 BBSU’s
5 Thrusters

Mosey back to SF


Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer requests for all our injured and sick PAX
Prayer requests for Valvano’s bro-in-law Rad and his 2.0
Prayer requests unspoken

– I received a multiple of messages about the brutality of this beatdown.  I guess that’s a good thing!
– Thanks for coming out men!!

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that! The events page is getting filled up!!! Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!! So much more than a workout group!!
– FNG Day at #Warthog – Saturday the 17th.  Use this as an EH’ing tool for those men thinking it’s too hard
– Dragon Boat coming.  We have 1 full boat of 20 men.  Would love to have a 2nd.  Even if that one is mixed with 2.0’s and/or M’s.  Be in a different division but still AWESOME!  Get more information here!
– February 20th 6:30-7:30 Next Session of our men’s leadership study
– Team Dad – Carolina Forest Elementary February 26 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


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