What rope climbs

What rope climbs

Workout Date:





Squirt, Baggage, Manzel (South) R, Bubbles R, Fergie (AOQ) R, Headgear (Nantan), Silver bullet, Pikachu (Co 3rd FQ) QIC

The Thang:

AO Warthog

Conditions: Freezing by MB standards

With the current AO challenge going on I had to change this months plan. I was way behind on scheming and points as producers TR and Valvano had the inside track on the challenge setup. I saw the Q sheet quickly dwindling as TR was grabbing every Q he could. But I was able get my five for the month. We will see how this challenge plays out as we don’t know how the creators will change the rules and keep us guessing. I had to change plans to try and capture second place and the creators have really unleashed the Candycane dragon. I think they really under estimated him. They thought someone could actually catch him. I did have a plan to make an effort catch him next him month but that got destroyed. My competitive natures wants to win. That’s what a challenge is in my mind. To win, and push yourself for sure but you can’t win without pushing, they go hand in hand. Fergie reached out and asked me if I was using blocks. It’s pretty funny how even Fergie asked if I was doing a block workout. That made me laugh. I do like a good block workout. A lot of guys don’t do blocks so I like to bring the block heat. Headgear and Manzel came in hot just past the buzzer. I am always impressed by Manzel. At 57 this guy is a damn stud. 

One Minute Warning


15 Ea Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers. 10 LBACF 10 Merkins oyo, 15 LBACR 15 Merkins oyo, 10 Seal Claps, 10 Merkins oyo, 15 Overhead Claps 15 Merkins oyo. 15 Hillbillies, 20 SSH

Time to go, grab the blocks and head over to the small parking lot across the pond. I took off and mosey with the block as the lot is a bit farther than I’m used to. 

Told pax to line up across the parking lot between the islands. Suicide with U-Hauls mixed in. These things suck. Like bad. So I thought what better way to bring the heat to follow up the Rope climbs by baggage on Tuesday.

Start with two U-Hauls, mosey to the island on the opposite side of the parking lot. 10 lines away. So the progression was 2, mosey, 4, mosey, 6 mosey etc… These got really hard when got closer to the end. Less mosey time and more U-Hauls. Especially when you got closer to the end.

Mosey back to bridge and told pax to line up with backs against the bridge. And described the Flop special which I always done IC. 15 IC mosey to opposite end of bridge. 15 IC at the end, mosey back for 15 more IC and Pax, specifically Headgear and Manzel did not like my counting as my voice flection was not good since the struggle was real to push through these. What was even better was the mosey back to the blocks after the flop special. Quads are crushed and we were all like a baby giraffe trying to run back. It was fantastic!

Last exercise was block jacks which no one had any idea what I was talking about. Perfect, that’s what I was hoping for.  It’s a jumping jack with a block press. These are a overall body killer. Cardio and strength. 200 total as a team between the parking lot islands. Being teamed up with Bubbles we crushed this.

Mosey back to the flag and circle up. Put the blocks back in Fergies vehicle. 

Circle up for Mary,

Pikachu: 15 Iron Maiden Cross IC, new to the pax here. Silver bullet was doing some weird cross between a crunch and dyeing cock roach. I literally had to ask what are you doing man. A

Headgear: Flutter kicks. I lost count actually.

Pax have reminded me that apparently my counting is not good and I need to work on this. This is the first anyone has actually told me this. I will work on this for my next Q at Warthog. Thanks guys for keeping my honest.

I had a blast here and guys were great.




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