Whatcha Got?

Whatcha Got?

Workout Date:





Fergie, JustForMen, Houdini, Butch, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 65 degrees, clear, perfect. It rained last night so the pollen wasn’t blowing around. Great day!

Fergie sent me DM Sunday evening asking me to Q Warthog on Saturday. I had just done a Spartan Super the day before and a Spartan Sprint that morning and chased my 2.0s around their Spartan Kids races. Knowing I would also be walking around Disney for two days, I wasn’t feeling it at the time but I needed the accountability so I gladly accepted the Q! Come Friday night, I hadn’t had much time to figure out my plans. I thought about brining coupons but I was just kinda lazy.

Rolled in at 0615 for a pre-run with Fergie and JustForMen, we did a little over 2 miles and had plenty of time to get ready for the beatdown. Houdini and Butch roll in. Still thinking through what we would do today, I took inventory of the gear in my truck…60# Sandbag, 45#, 30# and 20# ruck plates…the 30 was part of the gear grab from GR HQ for JustForMen. Fergie had a 30#plate and 60ish…50ish # sandbag. 6 coupons! That will work!

2 minute warning


5 PAX and 6 coupons, grab the gear and let’s get moving towards the Crabtree to stop at the island in front for a warm up:

SSH x20 IC

IW x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

TTT x15 IC



OHP x20 IC

CP x20 IC

Should range of motion OYO

Grab Coupons and move to the HGTC parking lot.

Line up coupons for prescribed movements:

20# & 30# ruck plates for lunges

60# sandbag for squats

60ish# sandbag for cleans

45# ruck plate for curl and press

30# ruck plate for overhead press

PAX will sprint halfway down the parking lot and back between rotating to the next station.

Round 2:

PAX will move all the way down the parking lot with prescribed movements and switch stations to come back:

20# & 30# ruck plates – farmers carry

60# sandbag – carry on back

45# ruck plate – rifle carry

60ish# sandbag – farmers carry

30# ruck plate – rifle carry

PAX grab coupons and head back to the #ShovelFlag

Time called


Announcements – check WeaselShaker Weekly

Prayers – spoken and unspoken


Even though only a few PAX were participating in the MB Marathon events, these days are often pretty light in terms of numbers so YHC didn’t really know what to expect. When the ”Watcha Got?” in your car turned up 6 solid coupons, it all started coming together. We also realized why Fergie and I have terrible gas mileage and need new shocks. The PAX all pushed hard! Butch, the stud of this group, always coming in solid! Fergie stepping it up with the pre-run call out and happy to admit to the coupons in his Jeep! JustForMen only a couple of weeks in jumped right into the flow and pushed hard! Houdini is getting better everyday and looking great! We know Karma doesn’t allow coupons on the SouthEnd so this had to be a real treat! Great work men!

Always an Honor!