What’s a bearpee

What’s a bearpee

Workout Date:





Cyborg, Candy cane, ERC, Pikachu, Quaker, Sunshine, Crankbait, Single Barrel, Rubber, Sade', brown bag, O'douls, Hottub

The Thang:

AO Bombsquad

1 minute warning followed by disclaimer

Warm up

15 count of each exercise including:

Mountain climbers, Merkins, tempo squats, SSH, Imperial walkers, arm circles, over head clap, shoulder rotations. Additionally completed sprinters stretch with a twist.

After a short mosey around the AO completed a set of Bearpees that included 1 burpee and 4 bear steps forward until pax reached the other side of parking lot. Completed down and back.

Following Bearpees the pax were taken to the football field were we completed a series of AMRAP exercises. With Pax shoulder to shoulder we alternated between 2 exercises each round while taking turns running to the end of the football field and back as our pacer. For each round the 2 exercises were:

Round 1: Merkins and squats

Round 2: carolina dry docks and lunges

Round 3: LBCs and flutter kicks

All pax mosey’s around full football field between each round as a cool down.

Following the AMRAP pax completed lunges for the width of the football field and then we’re pleasantly surprised to find out they had to do the same thing on the way back. You’re all welcome!

Having plenty of time left Pax  completed a set of Jack webb’s all the way to 10 Merkins and 40 over head press

Finished with approx 7 minutes of stretching and called time.

Announced bike race in honor of HighTower being done on April 17th starting in market common.

Prayed for the pax, the country, familiea, health and wisdom.



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