When did they make this bridge longer?

When did they make this bridge longer?

Workout Date:





Bling, Boxcar, Valvano, Lombardi, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Miserable, muggy, hot, humid, but at least we sweated a lot

Sneaky little Valvano got me on the Q sheet after some discussions this weekend.  That’s what an AOQ is supposed to do.  I hardly felt up to the task being on vacay and work recover from vacay for 2 weeks, then coming back to a brutal beatdown from Rousey Saturday, but whatever.  That’s what Advil are for.  And I have learned there is no limit to how many you can take!!!

Bling was back in town, and quite frankly we were all shocked he HC’d.  Guess Gepetto kept him honest this trip.  And it was nice to get the PL crew back together as we picked up Boxcar, who refuses to buy a 60lb sandbag.  Maybe he can borrow Rousey’s 42lb 60.  The quintet was rounded out with Valvano and Lombardi.  All with 60lb bags and rucks in tow.

1 minute warning.  Everyone moving slow.  “Disclaimer” to include Corona warnings.

Ruck up.  Bag up.  Head over to the other side.

With 5, I split it into 2 and 3.  Valvano and Boxcar rucked with sandbag from the turn to the 1st “break” of the bridge – where the pole is in the middle – and back.  They were our timers.  We did AMRAP squats with rucks.
Flip Flop.
Again – merkins with ruck on
Again – rucks off, cleans
Again – rucks off, sandbag skull crushers til failure and then grab lighter ruck to burn em out
Everyone was happily swole.

Ruck up.  Bag up.  Head over to the other side.  And this is where none of us remembered just how dang long this bridge was.  And how long the uphill climb was.  Heck, we haven’t been here since February or March, so it was a shocker, but all kept up the chatter and movement.  We stopped at the “Start” line for the marked off meter lines.  Stretched OYO for 2 minutes as I informed PAX sprints were coming.

Round 1
7 curls with sandbag, sprint 100 meters, 7 burpees, mosey back.
Group up, Bling’s famous rest walk to the “V-tree” and back

Round 2
7 curls with sandbag, mosey 100 meters, sprint 100 meters to the 200, 7 burpees, mosey back 100, sprint final 100.
Group up, Bling’s rest walk to the “V-tree” and back

Round 3
7 curls with sandbag, mosey 33% 100 meters, mosey 66-68% (allowing for margin of error) 100 meters to the 200, full sprint final 100 meters to the 300, 7 burpees, sprint back 100, mosyy back 100, sprint final 100.
Group up, Bling’s rest walk to the “V-tree” and back

Everyone was TOAST.  Shoot – we have to get all the way back.  Ruck up, sandbag up.  Ruck to cars.  YHC was worried as slow as we were moving at this point that we wouldn’t be back in time, but perfect Q that it was….0600 and we were at the vehicles!


Count-O-Rama – 5
Prayer requests families, travels, country
Prayers unspoken

That was brutal and shows how you gotta keep getting after it to accelerate!  Great work by all these dudes and awesome being out there with y’all!

– Nothing at the AO – but Regionwide – Headgear as Weasel Shaker is looking for: 1) 2.0 Q for the summer which we are well into already, but let’s go! 2) getting some #2ndF on the schedule as allowed by mandate – Weasel you there???  May need to really shake this one Soto 3) setting up some #3rdF ideas – if you have any let Vitamin D, Soto, or Cubbie know


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