When Does This Get Better??

When Does This Get Better??

Workout Date:



High Interest, Sunshine, Quaker


High Interest, Sunshine, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: Humid

5:15 – Silent 1 Minute Warning (This was given as we ran under the International Drive Overpass)

Our Running Instructor, Hottub, was DR this Friday, however, 1/2 Marathon Training needed to continue.  High Interest sent out the Tweet the night before to his fellow Hulkamaniacs and 2 HIM HC’d immediately because as we all know, “running is a 2 man sport”.

The PAX for today’s run were set: High Interest, Sunshine, & Quaker.  As stated in previous post each run would follow different routes each day, however, every run would involve running up & over “Mt. Zeb” (Zeb M. Thomas Bridge) at a minimum of at least 1 time twice (begining & end of run). The PAX arrived,  greetings made, simple stretches . . . Oops! Where are our headlamps?? No PAX brought theirs! No time to fret about what may awaited us ahead in the Dark . . . we were off.

Sunshine brought the mumble chatter today to ease our minds from the Danger of the dark.  The start always takes us under the International Drive Overpass then we make a hard left hard left on Col. Bob Bell Run Path for our 1st pass up and over “Mt Zeb”.  All PAX had a faster pace (9.32) this morning and it felt good!

Down the other side of Mt. Zeb, then a 2nd hard left past the the Barc Park & the YMCA, then we turned to the right on to Claire Chapin Epps Drive heading toward 62nd avenue & Bypass 17. It was around this time that High Interest inquired,” Does it (running) ever get better.” To which Sunshine & Quaker chuckled, “No but you do!!” Traffic was light this morning as we ran down Chapin Epps Drive and across Route 17. Across the highway we turned onto Frontage Road and ran north, parallel the highway. At 65th Avenue we turned right towards The Village. As we approached The Village, we saw 2 Fellow PAX stretching, we punched in the super secret gate code, ran on in to the AO and said “Hello”. It was perfect timing, as we opened the Gate other PAX for the beatdown began streaming in.

Today we did a Victory Lap around the entire outside perimeter of the AO. As the Village PAX finished their COP, we approached the Village Gate once more! Apparently the Gate is not motion sensitive and would not open. This might be awkward!

Option #1 would be to continue to run circles around the perimeter until the end of the Village Beatdown and then exit when the Gate was opened; Option #2 was to interrupt the Beatdown and ask a fellow PAX to drive their car near the Gate to trigger the opener; Option #3 – scale the Gate!!  Option #3 was chosen and Sunshine jumped onto the fence! Unfortunately the fence was wet and slippery and no climbing would be happening today. At this point Sunshine modified and slipped through an opening between the fence. It was a tight fit(#honeymoonfit) but he made it, the big questions is whether Quaker & High Interest could also squeeze through, too! There was some doubt but all three PAX managed getting through the Gate and the run home began!

Down 65th Avenue, onto Frontage Road, Across Route 17, onto 62 Avenue, on Bob Bell Run Path, Sprint up Mt. Zeb, and bring it on home.

The Numbers: 4.15 miles; 39:43 minutes; 9:32 pace . . . 6:32 fastest pace (sprint at the end)




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