When Temps get Cold . . .Its Time to Feel the Burn!!

When Temps get Cold . . .Its Time to Feel the Burn!!

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Boxcar, Brownbag, El Red Cardo, High Interest, Skidmark, Beef Steak, Rocky Top, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC couldn’t sleep the night before his Q at the Village. YHC was up every hour on the hour in anticipation (or was it that cup of coffee at 9 PM?) of the Beatdown. Either way every time YHC awoke he was thinking about the upcoming Beatdown!! The night before, YHC tweeted out that the Village would be hosting the “Beatdown of the Week” and immediately HC came in from Boxcar & Skidmark. Great!   Brownbag, El Red Cardo, and Beefsteak are always there (even if one of them sneaks in during the COP!) so YHC knew there would be six of us at least which is a good starting point and would make my Wienke work!

YHC arrived at the AO early (5:15 ish) blocked off part of the Parking lot with cones and started to lay out assorted coupons at 6 pain stations around the Main Lot. Besides the coupons from the back of YHC’s truck, cinder blocks and pavers were also used. By 5:28 the stage and by 5:30 nine HIM (including Sunshine, High Interest, and Rocky Top) were eagerly beginning the COP in anticipation of the coming Beatdown. YHC was hoping for even numbers & double digits but missed each by one. No worries, we had a solid crew and the burn would commence as scheduled!!

Conditions: 29 degrees, dry

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 Tempo Squats; 15 LBAC IC; LBAC Reverse IC; 20 Air Chair Air Press IC


Parking Lot Burnouts!

PAX pair up. PAX #1 does each Exercise AMRAP while PAX #2 runs a short lap around parking lot 3 times. Each time PAX #2 passes PAX #1 the next exercise begins AMRAP.  After PAX #2 runs his 3 laps and PAX #1 completes all 3 exercises we Flip/Flop. When PAX #1 completes 3 laps and PAX #2 completes all three exercises, all PAX rotate to next pain station. Goal was to burnout each muscle group at each pain station.

Station #1: CURLS – (1) 45 lb Bar;  (2)35 lbs. Plate (don’t knock your teeth out!); (3)Cinder Block

Station #2: LEGS – (1) Bucket Squats; (2) Lunges with 25 lbs Plates in each hand ; (3) Jump Squats

Station #3: ABS – (1) BBS; (2) LBC; (3) Freddy Mercury’s

Station #4: SHOULDERS – (1) 35 lbs Overhead Press; (2) Bucket Shrugs; (3) Cinder Block Overhead Press

Station #5: CHEST – (1) Merkins; (2) Abyss Merkins; (3) Burpees

Station #6: ABS – (1) Flutter Kicks; (2) Six Inches ; (3) Hello Dolly

Circle of Fire!

PAX collected 7 Coupons and Circled up in middle of Large Parking Lot. PAX with coupons (7) did Manmakers and PAX without coupons (2) did Burpess. After 5 reps each PAX rotated to his right and did 5 Manmakers or 5 Burpess. PAX made it through 8 rotations (40 total reps)! Everyone was smoked!!



Count-o-Rama – 9


Announcements: Christmas Party (12.15.18) $40.00 per …get your name on sign up sheet (Brownbag taking names for BombSquad & the Village); Operation Sweet-tooth(OST) ( drop off unwrapped presents for children at your AO or to Crankbait) (see wish-list on Slack & Twitter); Monetary Donation for OST (purchase Car for children to ride to OR); GrandStrand Convergence/Expansion/Ugly Sweater (12.22.18) …start time 7:00 am at BombSquad (Coffeteria to follow onsite).

HC now for each event!! Get all PAX involved!! These are fantastic opportunities. . .encourage a #Kotter to come to Christmas Party; bring a #Kotter or FNG to the Convergence; Live 3rd and touch a child’s life with your generosity!!



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