When time does this thing start?

When time does this thing start?

Workout Date:





Kiwi (AOQ), First Base, Gabel, Brandon, Pikachu (Co 3rd FQ) QIC

The Thang:

AO: Sharknado

Conditions 60’ and amazing 

With the current AO challenge and chasing TR for points I looked at the Q sheet and got all over the AO’s the next few weeks. I’ve passed TR and now it’s time to keep the gas on as I know he’s coming and the battle for second is on. Don’t count out a battle just yet guys. But the real question is, can me and TR keep this pace up. Kiwi did tell me that everyone comes in kind of late or close to the buzzer and they sure did. 5:15 and it was only three and two more came after the buzzer. and  just to mention it First Base who almost rear ended me on 31 to get to the AO but backed off when he realized it was me and he wouldn’t be late. 

One Minute warning



15 of Each exercise, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, LBAC F,R, SSH.

Time to mosey from the COP around the church turn around and to the opposite side of the AO. Everyone circled up and I explained the workout that was about to ensure. High paced, non stop workout. 

  1. Squats 60/40/20 and P2 Holds Plank, I explained to the Pax I had recycled this Q since I really enjoyed the type of workout. So I actually got a Tabata timer and cycled through the times and made it happen. 
  2. Mosey to corner of parking lot, Rocky Balboas and P2 Holds Al Gore.
  3. Mosey back to COP Tricep Extensions 60/40/20. P2 SSH
  4. Mosey to center of AO. Iron Maiden Crosses P2 Flutter Kicks.
  5. Mosey to back to COP for Curls. P2 LBC 

Return the blocks the super sketchy shady injury waiting block pile. Come on Kiwi, let’s get a better spot for those blocks.

Count 5



1st F Challenge

Halloween Convergence at the Plank. Let’s go men.

Here is where Pole Dancer decided to show of the the workout. It was 6:05 and he puts his gloves on and is ready to workout out. Apparently Kiwi doesn’t keep his guys straight on the south end and it’s a free for all. Guys showing up at all times down here. Come on Kiwi. They made this little amazing black box to help us communicate with each other. Amazing device this is. You should check it out, or does the jitter big not have texting features. Lmao, love you buddy!


Timberland Pastor Passed suddenly