“When was the last time you did something for the first time?!”

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?!”

Workout Date:





Mudslide, Grasspatch, Etcha-Sketch, Wittle, Stuffed Crust, Peach, Red Tape, Tag Team, Pert Plus, Runoff

The Thang:

The Thang:

Pre-Run: Lonely PAX – MudSlide (Good work!)

I’m a Darius fan, so if you made the connection early, you are smarter than the average bear!  I like the song referenced above, because it reminds me to keep life fresh!  Mix things up every now and then, and don’t get stuck in a rut!  SO, in an effort to do something different for the PAX, I was determined to (A) not start with the usual SSH and (B) to introduce a new workout  to the PAX on this crisp clear beautiful morning!  I like a little variety in my diet, in my workouts, in my life and with my wife!  But lets not digress…

Condition:  Clear Skies, PERFECT mid 60’s. No reason to not take the DRP!

One Minute Warning

Disclosure: Non-professional, modify as needed, form is important, here at your own accord…

Circle Up:

Warm up:

Mosey around the big box, called The Rock!

Circle up for a round of #GlobalWarming

Hold #AlGore moving in circle while holding the squated position and mix in the following with enthusiam:

Sholder Taps, IC

Mercans, IC

Burpess, OYO

Pace Squats, IC


Mosey Indian Run around parking lot.

After trucking around Bluegrass’ Kettle Balls, which seem like large ball bearings in the bed of your truck (highly not recommended), I figured we might as well use them.  Ending the mosey at the Weight Station, I began to explain the challenge. We had ten guys, so we set up 9 weight stations and one running station.  One PAX runs the parking lot loop while we do each exercise #AMRAP until the runner returns.

The runner departed for their loop and we began.  Rinse and Repeat 2 cycles.

1- Weighted Squats

2- KB Swing

3- Curls with curl bar

4- Bent over rows

5- Ab Roller

6- Flys on your back

7- Weighted Arm Circles

8- cant remember??

9-Yeti Cooler Lat Pulls (yeah on the YETI)

10lbs/20lbs/40lbs Kettle Ball

Ended with a 2 man team round robin #AMRAP Burpees while partner Lunges to the next island in the Bingo Parking isle! Rinse and Repeat for three sets.

hustle to to the FP for a round of Mary

Heels to heaven

Flutter kicks


Planks:  High, Left Arm, Right Arm, and the all new BRIGGS & SRATTON (hold a plank and pull the cord)

Apple watch stat: Burned 553 Calories


#TAP for Dale Long’s (Barney #Respect for a true #Stone)  family in his fathers passing.

Several unspoken

Prayer for the saved souls at Langston’s Revival

Friday Morning Kettle Balls

Training wheels Saturday, Breakfast to follow.


Colosians 3:23

Whatever we do, we should honor God with our effort.  Approach every task as though God is your supervisor and is looking over your shoulder.  Have integrity, in all aspects of our life, personal and business.  I am proud to be part of this group of men, because these  brothers are men who do the hard things.  Too many times men settle for the easy way out.  You all challenge me to get better in all aspects of life.


I have recently heard fear is like a muscle… The more you rise up against it the more courage you build, the more confidence you gain, and eventually you find yourself growing in the process.  Change in any part of life requires one to take a little (or a lot) of risk.  Challenge yourself daily by not backing away from the fear!  Walk into it. Struggle through it. You may fail at some point along the way, but pick yourself up and carry the lessons about yourself into the next battle!  Getting older should not done by looking back on what you used to do, instead we should look forward, focusing on the opportunities God has put before us!




It was an honor to lead!


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