Where am I?

Where am I?

Workout Date:





Boxcar, OneCall, Bling, Lombardi(R), Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: WaveRucker

Conditions: Cool, clear and perfect

The WaveRucker crew is a pretty consistent bunch and they all typically rotate their turn on the 4 Q opportunities each month.  YHC jumped on here about a month ago, probably before injuring my back during IPC Week 4 (Yes, YHC has been talking about this for a while now).   On and off, 26 mile ruck, modifying beatdowns, a slow 5k, I have been rehabbing my back and sometimes it feels better than other times so I didn’t know what to expect for this morning.  The Slack call went out for rucks and bags.

2 Minute Warning

Disclaimer – Kind of…this crew has been around

Leave your bags because my back is tight.  Sorry OneCall, I know it is a chore to get your bag out each night.  The other PAX didn’t mind not carrying sandbags around.  We’ll have to do the 60×60 another time.

Rucks on to Warbird Park – great time for fellowship

100 step ups on the wall in front of the A-10, aka the Warthog.  Rucks on or off, don’t really care.  PAX kept their rucks on.

Ruck to Springmaid Pier.  Some dude carrying a ukulele asking us where he was, wanted to tell him TimesSquare but we told him, Market Common, Farrow Pkwy.   Crossed Kings Hwy headed towards Springmaid, we moved to the street to get around some dude and his girl headed back towards the hotels.  A couple of good mornings to the dude and he even warned us of a car coming up behind.  Just before hitting the parking lot to Springmaid, we saw the golf cart guy that kicks us out of the empty parking lot…unless we have Hoser with us.   Training?  Yes sir.  Okay, go ahead.  Hit the pier, got to the locked gate, Lombardi snapped a quick pic and let’s go back!

Saw the ukulele guy heading back somewhere.  Stay on the left side of Farrow as we head back crossing Kings Hwy.  Let’s stay on Pampas Drive and stop off at The International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach for another 50 step ups.   Head up Crabtree Lane back towards the AO but stop off at the pavilion behind the batting cages for another 50 step ups.  Chad 1000x, here we come!


Announcements: Camping Weekend, FreedToBleed – Oct 29, Tacky Tank Top and Costume Convergence Oct 30 at Warthog w/ Coffeeteria to follow.  Every Man a Warrior on Friday mornings.  QSource via Zoom on Tuesday evenings.  Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child build a ShoeBox (get with Pikachu or search the 3rd F channel on Slack for the link.

Prayers – Valvano’s Dad having surgery soon.

Great time with these #HIM!  Nice to be able to Q when you are the one needing to modify.  Step ups are no joke but at least we weren’t tossing sandbags around.  It’s great to catch up with my brothers while on the longer ruck movements. Thanks for pushing me!

Headgear out!


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