Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?

Workout Date:



Handy Manny


Judge Judy, Handy Manny

The Thang:

Weather-70’s with slight rain (perfect)

As always, I am excited to Q a workout any chance I get. However, this morning was a bit different. As I tried to get the baby to suck down his last little bit of milk quietly around 3:45am so I could get the day started I heard a bit of rain and wind tapping on the windows. Now knowing F3 is rain or shine I just knew a good crowd of PAX would be ready to attend today’s beat down. Upon pulling into an empty parking lot I figured everyone must be running late due to traffic or getting ready for the Chad 1000 tomorrow. Around 5:11 I thought to myself we are going to do a lot of burpees or a ton of burpees today. Alas someone was turning in. It was Judge Judy ready to roll. Here is what we did!

5:13 a.m. 2-minute warning

5:15 a.m Proper F3 Disclaimer

Mosey around the facility a bit (fellowship time)



15 IW IC

15 Windmills IC


20 LBAC forward/reverse

20 Overhead clap IC

20 Shoulder press IC

recovery laps


Plank of Pain

recovery laps

Colt 45’s

20 Overhead press with blocks OYO

20 Tricep extensions OYO

20 block merkins OYO

recovery laps

10 burpees on the minute for last 10 minutes

rerack the blocks we are out of time today


December 3rd Christmas Party

Multiple opportunities to complete the Chad 1000 tomorrow (Check slack channels)

Moleskin: No matter the number its always an honor to lead