Where’s Rousey?

Where’s Rousey?

Workout Date:





Quaker, VitaminD, Flyover, ERC, Spork, Boxcar, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 70 something and humid but perfect


YHC took the opportunity to jump on the Q sheet for a BombSquad Saturday.  Saturdays are normally spent at #Warthog but YHC wanted to be able to attend #Coffeeteria and still finish up a little earlier than normal since he would be hanging with 2.0s celebrating their 2 of their birthdays this week.  The stage is set, Rousey and AOQ, Spork,  HC’d.  Otherwise, not know what to expect numbers wise.  YHC came up with two #wienkes trying my best to use the pull-up bar that has been in the back of my truck since Memorial Day weekend.

For some reason YHC showed up super early to set up.  4 corners were set up in the field exactly 75 feet apart.  A separate 14 stations were also set up.  Music is ready to go and it is still early so plant the shovel flag and stretch out and YHC sees Quaker getting out of his truck.  It’s about 0545 and no one else is around.  Quaker asks if the BombSquad PAX saw my name on the Q sheet and decided to #fartsack it.   Well, at least Rousey and King James will be here.  Spork shows up, then Flyover and Boxcar.  YHC had commented that #TheVillage and #BombSquad PAX like to show up right on time.  1 minute warning was given and right about start time, Vitamin D rolls in with ERC on his heels!  YHC hasn’t posted with these two in a while!  Pretty exciting!  Hmmm…No Rousey and King James… its 0600 and we gotta move so, let’s go!


1 Minute Warning



Lap around AO x1

SSH x10 IC

ImperialWalkers x10 IC

MonkeyHumpers x10IC

Merkins x22 OYO

MountainClimbers x20 IC

LittleBabyArmCircles x15 IC

ReverseLittleBabyArmCircles x15 IC

OverHeadPress x15 IC

Lap around AO x1


Finish lap at the coupon pile so each PAX can grab a coupon

Head to the field.

Stations 40 second intervals with 6 second transition:

1. Pull-ups

2. BearCrawls

3. BentOverRow w/Coupon

4. Jailbreaks

5. UprightRow w/Coupon

6. LungeWalks

7. Burpees

8. BroadJumps

9. Coupon Curls

2 Rounds then:

Lap around AO x1

1 Round then:

Lap around AO x1

1 Round then:

Mosey with Coupons to the coupon pile.

Clean up.

Mosey to the ShovelFlag



Announcements: 5 Year F3GrandStrand Anniversary for June 13 at #Warthog 0700 with #Coffeeteria to follow.  Bring some non-perishable items if you feel so inclined.  Dragon Boat race is still on…August or Sept.  Check Slack.   During Warmup, VitaminD announced that COVID-19 cases are still increasing in the county and to continue to take precautions.

Prayers – Prayer of Thanks for Flyover’s M in her new job.  Prayers for PAX M’s who are expecting: Backdraft, TexasRanger, HandyManny.  Prayers for our country and unity.

This is a fit bunch!  YHC knew he could and would have to push the pace to get these PAX what they paid for.  The pull-ups didn’t seem to phase them and neither did the running, bear crawls, lunge walks, broad jumps or anything else YHC threw at them.  We were all dripping sweat, BoxCar had to leave early but got most of the beatdown in. Still haven’t found Rousey.  Everyone that showed up crushed it.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

-Headgear OUT!!!

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