Wheres Waldo (Q)

Wheres Waldo (Q)

Workout Date:





El Red Cardo, Skimmer, War Eagle, Boulder, Buffett, Sunshine, BrownBag, Humpback

The Thang:

Conditions: Cool and Crisp, mid 40s.  The Eve before YHC, Sunshine, was contacted by Buffett to see if I wanted to test out my running legs and mosey from his house to the Village AO and back (about 1.9 miles each way).  We had yet to really test the legs since the P200 last weekend.  I agreed and the time was set for 5:10 meeting at Buffetts.

I arrived a few min early to Buffett’s and was politely asked to be patient as he had some impromptu last min system purge to finish.  We enjoyed a quick pace mosey through the beautifully wooded Perrin’s Path that runs parallel to Robert Grissom Blvd from 48th Ave N and 62nd Ave N.  As were strolling, the headlamps play games with your imagination casting shadows that resemble wild animals and Buffett admits that he only invited me as distraction in case of wild animals, homeless criminals, or demonic spirits attacking. Im thinking to myself, “He might be a bit faster than me”.  We both agreed that with fit bodies like we posses, any such attack would definitely have to consider at least twice before proceeding to come after us with nothing to gain but 2 headlamps and a couple pairs of shoes.

As we arrive at the AO, a couple of “late arriving” PAX i.e.. Brown Bag and El Red Cardo had just gotten there, Skimmer had the gate open, Humpback, War Eagle and Boulder rolled in.  El Red Cardo was stretching like he was getting ready to start the Q when Brown Bag spoke up stating that it had to be time to get started.  I glanced at watch and sure enough it was 5:32 and we were late.  I asked who was on Q and humpback stated he had seen Boxcar on the Q sheet, but no Boxcar present.  I quickly stepped up and said that we could just perform some PAX favorites and that I would start and lead COP.




10 Merkins OYO (Buffett speaks up and reminds Merkin challenge had ended, however we all   need some pump for quickly approaching shirtless season)


10 Merkins OYO

IW 20 IC

10 Merkins OYO

Windmills Abe Vigota style 15 IC


Tempo Squats


Mosey around AO to the play ground concrete slab and circa up

Pull Ups Around the world. 1 PAX performs 5 pull ups on monkey bars while All other PAX perform  5 4-count flutter kicks and hold 6 inches.  Flapjack and Next PAX performs, rinse and repeat until all Pax have completed.

Brown Bag resumes Q and directs Mosey to B-Ball court and instructs PAX to align across end of court.

He quickly stated that He had been studying the Exicon and something new for the PAX

Exercise Name?: All Pax were to bear crawl to the opposing B-Ball goal, perform 1 burpee and lunge walk back where each will plank while awaiting the six.

Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Indian Run around AO soccer fields to the coupon pile

Each Pax was instructed to choose a coupon and circle up in parking lot.  Round robin style PAX choice with coupon exercises were performed until all PAX had chosen.  Brown Bag led off with Colt 45’s, Humpback chose OH Press 15 IC, I chose to move to grassy knoll to perform block webb’s totaling 5/20 ratio among lots of groaning. Unable to remember all of chosen exercises and who did the choosing (need a brain like Quaker to do that) but we performed sets of Blockees, Squats, flutter kicks, etc until all PAX had a chance to lead.

Still 5-7 minutes remaining so I called recovery mosey to the absent shovel flag where we circled up for;

PAX choice MARY. (For the sake of newer PAX I reminded PAX that MARY was Ab/core exercises)

Sunshine: Alt Shoulder Taps 15 IC

Brownbag: close proximity (right hand touching left shoulder of adjacent PAX) squats 15 IC (Core exercise?)

Buffett: Freddie Mercuries 15 IC

El Red Cardo: Box Cutters IC (ClockWise and CCW?? hard to get that since legs moving both directions simultaneously)

More CORE exercises were completed before TIME called including LBC’s, and possibly something else, but again YHC can’t fully recall. Where’s Quaker when you need him?

Humpback led COT;

Typical Announcements were made including but not limited to, Dragon Boat registrations, PAX needed for Team Dad at CF Elem April 25., EHing, Posting to unfamiliar AO’S and less attended AO’s like Pit Stop and Timeshare.

Spoken and Unspoken Prayers led by Humpback

Moleskin: As always honor to lead portions of the beatdown and see other step up as well.  That makes for exciting impromptu beatdown where all contribute.  Buffett and I agreed that we wouldn’t call out Boxcar too bad for the no show as both He and I were guilty of forgetting our Q and fartsacking.  However, If you never have forgotten a Q date, then you are free to harass him as you see fit. LOL

YHC Over and Out!




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