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Buffett, Crankbait, Gooseneck (FNG Cliff F.), Early Bird, Billboard, Geno, Cubbie, Rice Burner (#Kotter), Shatter (#Kotter), Skidmark, Flop, Mousepad (#Kotter), Peterbilt, Flatliner (#Kotter), Sunshine, Flyover, Rubber, Chewy, Ms. Pac-Man (#Kotter), Snookie (#Kotter), Quaker, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Perfect.  Low 60’s

Wow.  What a morning.  Things blew up yesterday in a YUGE way!!  And today resulted in some total AWESOMENESS across our region!  37 men at boot camps and 4 rucking has got to be our largest Wednesday ever.  (Flop – check the stats)

It just so happened that YHC and High Interest were the 2 BC Q’s.  So HI called out a #1stF Q versus Nant’an challenge!!  Not one to back away from a challenge (unless it involves a bunch of running, then to heck with it), YHC gladly engaged the challenge, and accepted the burpee bet on behalf of Quaker, knowing full well that #BombSquad would win.  #YouNeverHadAnythingToFearQuaker.  YHC went deeeeeep into the well.  Texting, messaging, DM’ing, and overall harassing everyone!!!  And this morning did not disappoint!!  22 #HIM posted to #BombSquad (15 at #TheRepublic, which is also AWESOME).  There were 6 #Kotters, and another FNG courtesy of Crankbait, with an assist from Chewy and Team Dad.  Guys came from NMB and Warthog alike!  There was literally a traffic jam at the entrance to the parking lot as guys were turning left and right holding things up.  SWEET!!!

1 minute warning was given, followed by a full #Disclaimer
Was also able to share some Mission and Core Components interspersed thoughout the #Beatdown

“To Plant Grow and Serve Small Workout Groups for the Invigoration of Male Community Leadership!!”
– Free
– Outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold
– Led on a peer, rotating basis by men with no expertise or training necessary
– Open to all men 18+ regardless of fitness level – we don’t care where you come to us, we just won’t leave you there
– End with a COT

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
[cut these short as some guys were unable to do em and were holding plank]
Everyone hold plank
Flutters x 20 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Entire group looks at Geno – “It’s been 3 years” he yells.  Yeah, one would think you would know how to do them by now.
Diamond Merkins x 10 IC

Let’s double applesauce an Indian Run around the church to the other parking lot
Stop at light
Face the other line.  That’s your partner!!

100 Merkins as a duo.  P1 does 10, while P2 holds plank; flapjack until each Partner has done 50
100 Squats as a duo.  P1 does 10, while P2 holds Al Gore; flapjack until each Partner has done 50
100 LBC’s as a duo.  P1 does 10, while P2 holds 6″; flapjack until each Partner has done 50
60 CDD’s as a duo.  P1 does 10, while P2 holds perfect oblique forming side planks; flapjack until each Partner has done 30

YHC is usually not one to incite controversy (ahem ahem…; maybe sometimes – #TrialLawyer); but there has been a huge public outcry about the new Guinness Book of World Record “Burpee” result.  Here is how we (well, most of us) do them (Geno actually wears that outfit sometimes):

Image result for burpee form


The world record form goes like this:

A Melbourne mum has smashed the world record for the most burpees in 60 minutes by a female. 37-year-old Elizabeth…

Posted by 7 News Gold Coast on Saturday, May 5, 2018


13,000 comments.  LOL!  People are MAD!  Now, regardless of her form, 1490 of those things in an hour is amazing.  Handy and Bluegrass will try to beat it I hear.  BUT, these are NOT burpees.  There was a ton of chatter about them in our Slack channel tho, so YHC wanted to include them.  I named them #WhittleFlops after Flop who posted the initial link, and Whittle, just cause it’s funny and he chimed in!  We did #WhittleFlops x 10 IC

Then we got back to work.

11’s across the parking lot
Burpees, and yes, everyone’s favorite exercise, Turkish Get-ups!  Geno – immediately, “What’s the modify?”
Do double BBSU’s if you must.
Due to time, YHC did call for all to modify about 2/3 thru
Great job picking up the 6 here men!!

Then part of #TheBeast
Time allowed us to do 3 out of the 6 exercises.  The last 2 were burpees and turkish getups, so you guys are welcome!
Merkins, Squats, and CDD’s
Starting point – Run to cone, 6 reps, 2nd cone, 6 reps, 3rd cone, 6 reps, back to 2nd, 6 reps, back to 1st, 6 reps, back to start, 6 reps

Double applesauce easy saunter back to #SF; get heart rates back down; pick up the 6, circle up…just enough time for
22 Merkins OYO – #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 22
Name-O-Rama – Gooseneck as FNG – caught a goose with his bare hands while under the influence (allegedly) – nothing said about what happened after that #WhatHappensinBransonStaysInBranson
Prayer requests for Early Bird’s grandma
Prayer requests for Flop’s son who has to undergo surgery and recovery
Prayer requests unspoken

– THANK YOU all for coming out and supporting one another.  Sure, some of you came out because I begged, but the WHOLE group is better for you showing up.  The accountability, the fellowship, the camaraderie!  We all are better men because of that guy on our left, and that guy on our right.
– Rice Burner said he hadn’t been in 10 months – bout time you are back!  Snookie was probably a year or more.  In fact, I insisted on only calling him TOM at church.  Way to re-earn the name Brother!  Early Bird was a SC that turned into a HC – love to see him out there with us.  Flatliner was on IR for a bit and came back.  Ms. Pac-Man was back kicking butt and smiling like he never missed a beat.  Mousepad by his own admission struggles with the early morning, but he loves F3 and pushes hard going to the limit each time – great to have you with us!  Shatter has been MiA awhile, since Lamont moved away….and certainly great getting him back out with us!
– T-Claps to Flop, Quaker and Cubbie for pre-rucking!
– All you regular guys – strong work as always!  Crankbait and Skidmark handle everything thrown at em!
– Rubber was seen stealing Q pointers for tomorrow!
– Has anyone else noticed how much weight Peterbilt has lost?  Looking slim today
– Sunshine and Flyover are excited for the warmer weather – Shirts Off!!  I think Buffett is too!!  #GQ
– Billboard’s arms keep growing
– Enjoyed the DORA with Chewy as a partner and helping out with Mousepad!
– Great work by our FNG Gooseneck!
– Enjoyed it fellas! KEEP EH’ing!!!
– Good effort High Interest and #TheRepublic – #ParticipationMedal and Burpees!  Seriously tho, the chatter and excitement was awesome and definitely made everyone wanna get out there!

– Rubber’s VQ tomorrow at #TheVillage
– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that!
– #AOQChallenge going strong until next week!!  Keep on posting, getting FNG’s and #Kotters!
– Wanna ruck 50 miles in 20 hours in Washington DC???  Sure you do!  Geno had to withdraw due to family obligations so there is a slot!  Let me know!  May 18-19.  We rented a nice van.
– MudRun still needs teams and/or men!  See Skidmark!!!  May 19.
HUGE 3 year anniversary convergence on JUNE 9 at #Warthog – Papa Smurf on Q!!!
– Dad Camp August 17-19 – talk to Crankbait
– Everyone ask Penelope where the dang newsletter is!


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