Workout Date:





One Call, BillBoard (respect), Valvano, Backdraft, Bubbles, Hamburglar, Bling

The Thang:

The Mothership AO apparently has some new leadership with Flash and Weedeater filling up the Q sheets at Warthog as quickly as Weedeater pounds a dozen Krispy’s- but you wouldn’t know it from todays workout.  Weedeater had a urinalysis and Flash had a haircut appt- so neither made it out to my Q today that they scheduled me for!  Alas, I looked at the temp yesterday and was instantly grumpy.  Messaged the channel to be prepared mentally-  and as I picked up my original OG at 0450 I mumbled that I hadnt come up with a plan for the workout.  Oh well, lets hope no idiots show up for the 30 degree workout.  Maybe we can get breakfast!

UGH- the “Bubblevan” already there with shorts, Valvano, Backdraft, Hamburglar and Billboard round out the crew by the time I got out of the car complaints flying.  “Why””?  “Its below freezing and I dont want to be here”

Circle up in the lot, mumble thru some sort of disclaimer, and tell the crew we will somehow get the parking deck to avoid the colder weather.  run/walk/boat/rickshaw, I dont care-  just get there safely.  Circle up at the incline


20 tempo squats IC


20 IW IC- all warmed up and ready as I complete my plan.

incline suicides at each level (4) all the way to the top of the ramp.  every time you get to the bottom,  10 solid squats.  10 Minutes on the clock- you vs you.  nice work

next partner up for DORA- some solid teams here!  OC and Backdraft were the class of the group, with Billboard and Bubbles needing constant direction (understood as we haven’t seen BB in 3-4 months with the BidenFlu).  and Valvano and Hamburglar smoking thru.  I was more of the “Supervisor”!

200 CDD

400 crunches

600 Flutters (single count)

1 partner up and down the stairs.

OC gave me the 0551 timing and we wrapped up just in time.  mosey back to the lot and circle up.  Nice work by all, appreciate you dealing with me and my made-up Q!

prayed out and we left better men!


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