Why are we carrying an extra 245#?

Why are we carrying an extra 245#?

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OneCall, Valvano, Bling, Flop, Lombardi, Krispy Kreme (Hartsville)

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As the 3rd month of Pathfinder Class 013 comes to a close, the local PAX needed to complete a challenge.  The coupon ruck is definitely one of the hardest.  Those of us that have been in earlier classes have completed this challenge before, and it is tough, but with teamwork, it can be accomplished!

So in putting it together, we were able to get 5 of our local men, along with Krispy Kreme from Hartsville who did not want to do this challenge alone.  Of course not.  Who would?  Only the craziest of crazy.  I.e., Bling.  Yes, Bling did this challenge by himself for some strange reason a week ago.  So…sure, he’ll do it again!!

We missed Hoser who had an exciting week with a HUGE promotion at work and needed to crash!  Turn and Cough was Q’ing.  Penelope is on IR.  Geno just didn’t wanna.

Anyhow, 80 extra lbs needed per 2 PAX along with standard 30 lbs in ruck.  We took along some variety – 55lb log, 2x40lb sandbags, 1x60lb sandbag, 20 lb weight vest, 30 lb plate.  (We were going to make Billboard be our coupon, but he refused to be lugged around for 10 miles.  #Soft)  We went 5 miles.  Took a hydration and snack break.  Finished the last 5 miles.  We rotated weights every 1/2-3/4 mile to share the load.  All men pushed themselves hard and finished strong!!  It was AWESOME!!!

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