Workout Date:





Goldberg, Purina (FNG), Grass Patch, Peach, Stuffed Crust, Mud Slide

The Thang:

A tad bit cooler with slightly less humidity as the PAX circled up and got ready for the workout. I am not even going in too late to describe the beat down. All I can say was burpees, merkins, and shy travel hop started things off. A long Mosey and working with the huge poles 4 locked lips, more merkins, and lbc’s. Some sand work on the big sand piles with a Kwikset of 11s and then bear crawling as king of the mountain so that we got nice and Sandy. That was followed by a Mosi and tactical use of the water hose then back for a few more log flips and then done. The first F is what we traditionally use to pull people in. But today’s workout was more than the first F as we needed to go to the third F for one of the PAX.


Goldberg had told us there was some issue months ago. He had had a scan and they found something. Last Friday was a follow-up and scan to see if there was any progression or Grove. We gathered this morning knowing he was going for the results and consultation later. The workout was merely the tool to get us there, but I was in a hurry to get to the end because I knew the Finish was the most important part of today’s posting.


I remember the first time Goldberg posted. I did not know him, he did not say a word, he struggled mightily to keep up, but he did not quit. Over the next days he became more involved, posted more often and started to see why that first day of really does matter. He caught me one day in this very parking lot after I was on Q and he told me how he was so thankful for what F3 had done for him because on his first post we did not leave him behind. He has stepped up to be one of the biggest people to exhort us to post, to do more, and to bring more people in to the PAX.

His constant work to increase us and to get better pushes all of us to understand why we get up.

So today was a big day, with a lot of energy expended just waiting for that moment and word from the doctor. Knowing that it was real and he had the scan last week and the level of anxiety that come from having to wait so long had me not even worrying about anything we did during the workout. Right here and right now is the answer to WHY we do what we do when we finished the workout, I’m out to the PAX I was not seeking announcements and I would remember any and all prayer request they had. But the heart of the matter for today, was we were here to lift up a brother. It was my honor and privilege as we brought him to the center of the circle and we all laid hands on him and prayed over him for a miracle to happen. That is why I get up early. That is why I have a drawer full of black t-shirts. That is why I have gloves that are strong enough to walk on their own. That is why I am proud to be a member of F3!

Several hours later came to text with a screenshot of a circled word saying the scan was stable from the last which meant no growth and no progress and no further cause for concern with another check up in 6 months. Iron always sharpens iron and our groups that post regular at the Republic and the Riviera truly have each other’s 6!

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