Wild morning with Ben Franklin

Wild morning with Ben Franklin

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Beefsteak (AOQ), Rousey (R), Quaker (R), Rubber, Cross Stitch, First Base, ERC, Jetah, O’Douls, Spork, Humpback

The Thang:

Well last of three Qs in a row for the flightless bird its been a good run prior to being down range for the next week.  Quaker asked if it was my birthday week given all the Qs but no just trying to help out at the Plank, Warthog, and Bomb-squad by filling the Q sheet plus I had not Qed at Plank or BS.   The weather for this last one was almost balmy compared to the first two in that it was above freezing around 39 degrees.  I had come up with an idea to see if it might be possible to do a multi-exercise personal DORA where the PAX started with arm exercises doing sets of 25 for a 100 total and then moving to legs for sets of 50 for a 200 total and then to core for sets of 60 for a 300 total.  In the middle of the night I woke up thinking 200 step ups and two hundred squats not to mention 300 LBCs & Flutters might take a little too long to complete in 45 minutes so I decided to stick with the original idea and tone it down to 100s (thus the name Ben Franklins) for everything – Here you go.

Disclaimer and Mission Statement

Warm Up

TTT X 20

Imperial Walkers X 20 – my cadence has gotten to the point where I can actually move counterclockwise while performing this exercise then Rousey through me a loop and said can you go the other direction which was a bid NO and made me laugh in the middle

Tempo Squats X 20


Seal and Overhead Claps X 20

SSH X 20

To the coupon pile and large parking lot

The Thang

Station 1 the large parking area for ARMS

Using the blocks on one end I instructed PAX that curls would be one exercise and they could choose overhead presses/ bent over rows or tri-extensions to go along with the curls on one end – sets of 20 sprint / mosey to other end and do sets of 20 merkins and two count shoulder taps – 4 rounds 4 exercises X 25 = 400 total reps.

Jetah tried to throw me a curve and get me mixed up while doing merkins at one end but Quaker rescued me by saying he’s messing with you Kiwi (you would think I could see that from a SL bro but breathing to hard)

Station 2 the bleachers for LEGS

Again 4 sets of 25 –  steps ups and squats at bleachers then run to curb out in center field for rocky balboas and SSHs 4 X 25. 4 rounds X 4 exercises X 25 = 400 reps

Station 3 the recreation center parking area for CORE

This was again suppose to be 4 rounds of 4 exercises but due to time restraints I cut it down to LBCs on one side – bear crawl to two count flutters on the other.  We were able to do two rounds of 25 on each end for a total of 100 reps

900 total reps in 45 minutes including warm up was a good day!  All worked hard and Rousey who was in beast mode might or might not of beat Beefsteak back to the flag – of course Beefsteak was quoted to say “I didn’t even knowing there was a race going on” – double secret FBI racing again.  Either way great job by all with a 4/5 person pre-run to boot.

COR – 12

NOR – 12

Announcements – Shield Lock, EMAW, 2nd Fs, Freed to Bleed

Prayers requested and silent

As always its an honor to be allowed to lead this group of HIM



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