Win, Lose, or Draw… or lose.

Win, Lose, or Draw… or lose.

Workout Date:



Quaker (Co-Q #1), CrossStitch (Co-Q #2)


Depends, Pikachu, Billy Blanks, Candy Cane, ERC, Beefsteak, Rubber, Einstein, Quaker, CrossStitch

The Thang:


After Doughboy had to back out last minute due to feeling under the weather (I suspect explosive diarrhea), he put the word out on slack for a replacement and lo and behold, Quaker steps up.

Note: A good way to make sure you don’t fartsack is to HC to lead

Since we’ve challenged the PAX to Co-Q in the month of June, and since Candy Cane and Drifter are crushing our challenge for most posts/pre-runs/Qing beatdowns, I jumped on the chance for 15 points to Co-Q

Quaker had the genius idea to share the cadence counting for the warmup, unfortunately he was paired up with me. After an abismal fail and harrassment/confusion from the PAX, we just took turns leading different warmups.

We moseyed to the far parking lot where YHC instructed the PAX on:

Indian Lines– line up in front of the parking line, person in front chooses a way to get to the other end, then steps to the back of the line for the next PAX to choose a way to make it across the next lines, until we make it across all lines, rinse and repeat until we reach the end of the parking lot. That’s about 13 long lines of mosey, sprint, bear crawl, star gazer mosey (Billy Blanks choosing, which was wandering across the lines staring at the stars. Weird, but sometimes that’s what you get when HIM are freed to lead).


Next up, Quaker took over with an old game that he made a few years ago that proved to be fun and challenging. If you get the answer wrong, you do the exercise. If you get the answer right, congratulations… you still get to do the exercise.

Win, Lose, or Draw– Two 5 man teams were formed & lined up facing one another. Each Pax made a rep wager, then drew a Question Card. All the Pax then did that number of reps to the assigned exercise on the back of the Question Card

Q1: This is the month and the date F3 BombSquad was established . . .

A1: 01/01/2016

                Exercise: 20 Merkins

Q2: “Plant Grow & Server Small Workout Groups of Men for the Invigoration of Male Community Leadership”

A2: F3 Mission Statement

                Exercise: 15 Jump Squats

Q3: This Pax played professional soccer

                A3: Boxcar

                                Exercise: 10 Squats

Q4:  This Pax’s Portrait hangs on the wall at the Bagel Factory in Market Commons

A4: Bling

                Exercise: 18 Freddy Mercury’s

Q5: This Pax is the current Weasel Shaker

                A5: Weasel???

                                Exercise: 15 Squats

Q6:  Name 3 Pax who are doctors

A6: Vitamin D, Sleepy, Crankbait, Sunshine, Einstein

                Exercise: 50 LBC

Q7: This AO is named after a twin turbo jet fighter plane

A7: Warthog

                Exercise: 20 Prison Squats

Q8: Name 1 seasonal AO

                A8: SandBlox

                                Exercise: 20 Merkins

Q9: This is the month and the year that TheVillage was established

A9: November 2017

                Exercise: 19 Wide Arm Merkins

Q10: Name at least 1 Pax who completed a full Marathon

                A10: ERC, Bubbles, Hamburglar, Handy Manny

                                Exercise: 10 Body Builders

Q11: Name 2 Pax who completed a Spartan Race

A11: Rousey & Candy Cane

                Exercise: 15 Jump Squats

Q12: Name 2 Pax who are University of George Bulldogs

A12: Vitamin D & Hottub

                Exercise: 20 BBS

Q13: This Pax grow up in Pittsburgh and is a huge Steelers Fan

                A13: BeefSteak

                                Exercise: 25 Flutterkicks

Q14:  This Pax is a Bridge Engineer and Dallas Cowboy Fan

A14: Texas Ranger

                Exercise: 50 Flutterkicks

Q15: Name of the AOQ of the regions newest AO

                A15: Kiwi (AO-Sharknado)

                                Exercise: 30 LBC

Q16:  This Pax attended over 30 Grateful Dead Shows

A16: Brown Bag

                Exercise: 10 Lunges

Q17: Name 2 other Pax who completed the Spartan Racee

A17: CrossStitch and Penelope

                Exercise: 7 Burpees

Q18: This Pax is a current Carolina Forest High School Teacher

                A18: Rocky Top

                                Exercise: 25 Squats

Q19: Name 1 Founder of F3

A19: Dredd or OBT

                Exercise: 20 Hello Dolly’s

Q20: This Pax was a teacher before becoming a Realtor

                A20: ERC

                                Exercise: 100 Diamond Merkins (50 for each team)

Announcements: Convergence this Saturday at Warthog, other stuff coming up, post with us every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Win the morning, win the day!

If you’re not first, you’re last.

Leave no man behind, leave no man where you left him.

Have fun!